Mary Padian Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Mary Padian is best known for her role as a buyer on A&E Television’s Storage Wars. Mary is the owner of Mary’s Finds, an online shop in addition to her reality show career.

Mary’s sparkly green eyes, sharp jawline, and prominent cheekbones earned her thousands of fans in a short period of time. With a height of 5 feet and an inch, she appears attractive (1.55m).

Aside from fame and stardom, Mary has amassed a net worth of 600,000 dollars through her dedication and hard work, much like reality star Holly Monteleone.

Mary Padian: Biography, Age, Nationality, Parents

Mary, 35, was born in Dallas, Texas on August 24, 1980, to Irish father John Gerard Padian and Lebanese mother Teresa Ann Padian. Her parents divorced when she was 29 years old, in 2009. Her father owned a scrap metal recycling business.

She was raised alongside her brother, Luke. Mary has always been a creative learner. She would create beautiful artworks out of reusable materials. Maya attended the University of Texas at Austin for her education, where she majored in photojournalism and graduated in 2003.

She is the oldest of 42 cousins and has a special bond with her grandparents. On 26 August 2016, she posted a group selfie with her grandparents with the caption stating they are the best people.

Mary has a soft spot in her heart for her family. She also serves as a godmother to her brother’s daughter. Her priority for her family members can be seen on social media, where she cherishes and shares moments spent with her loved ones.

For example, on June 19, 2017, she shared a photo with her father in honor of Father’s Day, describing him as the best father in the world. Not only does she value her father, but she also values her relatives and siblings, as evidenced by a photo she shared with her brother on October 10, 2017.

Is Mary Padian Married?

Despite her outspoken personality, Mary has managed to live a quiet life.

However, on one of the episodes of Storage Wars called Mary’s Big Score, which aired on May 3, 2016, she introduced Dylan as her boyfriend. Dylan had appeared on the show to accompany Mary to the auction of EI Monte.

During the episode, Mary referred to Dylan as her “perfect man” and defended her partner when the host made a remark about his age. She also revealed that she met her boyfriend in Texas, despite having fantasies about meeting her ideal man in California.

But it was the only time Mary waxed lyrical about her boyfriend and her love life. She hasn’t said anything about her relationship status or Dylan’s whereabouts since then.

Well, it appears that the couple split up before Mary could refer to her lover as a husband. However, because she has remained silent on the subject, it is difficult to say whether she is single, married, or dating.

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