Who Is the Girlfriend of Magnus Carlsen? Learn His Bio, Love Life, and Net Worth

Magnus Carlsen, the Grandmaster of Norwegian Chess, is now dating. Also learn about his biographical information, such as his net worth, parents, age, IQ, and chess games. Carlsen, the current world chess champion, has solidified his reputation as one of the greatest chess players of all time.

Magnus Carlsen, who has an IQ of over 190, is the world’s youngest International Grandmaster, having achieved it at the juvenile age of 13. He is also the world’s youngest World Number One chess player.

Furthermore, the chess champion was initially exposed to the game by his father when he was five years old. He didn’t show any interest in the game till he was seven years old. His desire to defeat his sister and father in the game brought out the best in him.

Magnus Carlsen- Wiki and Facts

  • Date of Birth Nov 30, 1990
  • Age30 Years, 6 Months
  • Birth Place Tønsberg Municipality, Norway
  • Profession Sports Personality
  • Career 2013–present
  • Relationship Status Dating
  • Girlfriend Elisabet Lorentzen Djønne
  • Ex-Girlfriend Synne Christin Larsen (2017 – 2018)
  • Net Worth $8 million
  • Awards Peer Gynt Award
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Father Henrik Albert Carlsen
  • Mother Sigrun Øen
  • Sister/s Ellen Øen Carlsen, Ingrid Carlsen, Signe Carlsen
  • Height/ How Tall? 5 feet 7 inches
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Nationality Norwegian
  • Birth Name Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen
  • Siblings 3
  • Official Site https://magnuscarlsen.com

It was an uphill battle from there, with tournament success bringing fame, wealth, and world renown. Learn more about Carlsen’s bio, personal life, and net worth by reading on!

Magnus Carlsen’s Current Love Life

Carlsen was rumored to be dating University of Oslo grad Elisabet Lorentzen Djnne for a year in January 2020. On New Year’s Day of that year, the chess champion shared a series of photos on Instagram, one of which contained a photo with Djnne.

“Been a terrific year on and off the board, on to the next one!” he wrote in the caption of the post.

Magnus Carlsen Girlfriend
Source: ChaseBase India

Carlsen’s partner Djnne is from Hardanger in Western Norway, according to Chess Base. She is five years Carlsen’s junior in terms of age. However, they haven’t been seen together in public in a long time. However, because no official news of their split has surfaced, it’s safe to believe that they’re continuing to strengthen their relationship in private.

Split with Girlfriend Synne Christin Larsen

After dating for a year, Carlsen and his ex-girlfriend Synne Christin Larsen called it quits in 2018. The chess champion has not yet divulged the details of their breakup, merely confirming that it is now finished. Larsen has also refused to remark on the reason for the split.

While everyone expected Larsen to be the one Carlsen announced as his wife-to-be, it did not happen. Carlsen and Larsen were first seen together in 2017 at the ‘Isle of Man International,’ where he competed. On Valentine’s Day of the same year, the Norwegian player went from being single to being in a relationship.

Magnus, on the other hand, was checkmated.

Net Worth

Being the best chess player in the world comes with a slew of benefits. Carlsen has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2021, according to Celerity Net Worth.

His enormous net worth stems from a variety of sources of income. He has a number of sponsorships and endorsements under his belt, and he operates his own company that focuses on developing chess-related apps for children aged 5 and up.

Magnus Carlsen Girlfriend
Source: Rosalinda9wn-images

His net worth has been boosted by his tournament win payments, as well as various sponsorships, endorsements, and his majority-owned firm. Carlsen has demonstrated that chess does not have to be any different from any other high-paying sport in order to make a life.

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