Madonna’s Adopted Child Stelle Ciccone: Who Is Her Biological Parents?

If you like music, you’ve probably heard of Madonna, the pop diva. The Grammy-winning “Queen of Pop” has sold over 300 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling female recording artists of all time.

In her personal life, Madonna is the proud mother of six children, four of them are adopted. Today, we’ll talk about Stelle Ciccone, one of her adoptive kids who also has a twin sister, Estere Ciccone. Meanwhile, who is Stelle Ciccone’s natural parents?

Let us uncover the unknown story of her life, from her orphaned beginnings to her luxurious upbringing with her adoptive mother, Madonna.

Who Are the Natural Parents of Stelle Ciccone? Her Biological Mother Passed Away Soon After Her Birth Stelle is the daughter of Adam Mwale, a farmer from the community of Kayembe, and Patricia. Her mother died a few days after her birth as a result of acute bleeding. Estere Ciccone, her twin sister, is also a model. Stelle and her twin sister Esther were born in Malawi, an African country.

Mwale, the twin sisters’ father, allegedly took them to an orphanage. He used to pay them frequent visits. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, he stated,

a. a… I got them small outfits and toys, and they would sit on my lap, one twin on each side, laughing and playing with me. They call me Ababa [Daddy in the Malawian language Chechewa], and they enjoy spending time with their brothers and sisters when they return home for the holidays.”

Has six biological siblings, one of whom is a twin sister

Stelle Estere Ciccone, Ciccone’s twin sister, was also adopted by the “Queen of Pop,” Madonna Louise Ciccone. Stelle has five other siblings, all of whom are between the ages of ten and twenty-four in 2021.

Relationship with Brothers and Sisters of Stelle Ciccone

Stelle has four brothers and sisters. David Banda and Mercy James, two of her four siblings, were also adopted from Malawi. Furthermore, Stelle has two more siblings from Madonna’s two distinct relationships: a sister Lourdes “Lola” Maria Ciccone Leon (born October 14, 1996), and a brother Rocco John Ritchie (born August 11, 2000).

Ciccone, Stelle, and her family.

They are all relatively close and frequently share one other’s cute images on their social media handles.

What Age Is Stelle Ciccone? Her birthplace and early life were spent at the Home of Hope Orphanage.
Ciccone was born in Malawi, Africa, in August 2012. Her birthday is August 25, 2012, and she was born on that day. Madonna took to Instagram on August 24, 2021, to wish her daughters a happy ninth birthday. “Happy Birthday Stella and Estere!!!!” the pleased mother captioned the photo. Here’s the link to the post:

As of early 2022, she is 9 years old. After her mother died in the hospital while giving birth to twins, she spent her first four years of life in the Home of Hope orphanage outside of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Ethnicity And Nationality of Stelle Ciccone

Ciccone, who was born in Malawi, is of American nationality and African heritage.

Stelle was adopted by Madonna. At the age of four,

At the beginning of 2017, the famous singer adopted Stelle and her twin sister from Malawi. Her adoption was finalized on February 8, 2017. Madonna moved to New York with both of them within hours after reaching an arrangement with the court.

The adoption was supposed to become permanent after 12 months, according to the court’s approval. Adam, the biological father of twins, first became aware of the pop star’s interest in his daughters in May 2016.

Adam Mwale had no idea his twin daughters had been adopted permanently.

Mr. Adam stated in an interview with the Daily Mail that he expected his girls to return to his village after receiving a solid education. And he thought their migration to the United States was only temporary. He stated,

“I was told from the beginning that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman’s home abroad, where she would educate them and then return them to me to live with me and support the rest of my family.”

Kayembe, a farmer from a rural area, added,

“You’re saying the adoption is permanent now. That cannot be true, and I do not wish for it to be true. I am their father, and I will always be so.”

Furthermore, Mwale alleged that while everyone first told him that Madonna would foster his twins, no one hinted that Stella and her sister would be taken away from him permanently.

Mwale further told the source that a guy assigned as the court guardian of the kids also tricked him informing the judge that he moved on to marry a new woman following the demise of his first wife Patricia without making any plans for his children.

Mwale, on the other hand, stated that this was far from the case. He stated,

“After Patricia died, I was the one who took the girls to the orphanage. We had been happily married for a long time.”

“We had a lovely family life,” Mwale said in the end.

Second Marriage of Stelle Ciccone’s Father

After Patricia’s death, Stelle’s father, Adam Mwale, remarried; however, the name of his second wife has not yet been made public. According to sources, the pair is still in a good married connection.

In 2022, the man with no formal schooling is a farmer in his hometown of Kayembe.

Stelle and Estere are ardent supporters of Malawi Rising.

Despite their young age, Stelle and her twin sister strongly desire to help others. They donate to Raising Malawi, a non-profit organization that provides orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi with quality health care, education, and other assistance. Madonna and Michael Berg created the nonprofit foundation in 2006.

In Malawi, however, the singer established the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care, a children’s hospital.

Social Media Participation Stelle is active on social media. Estere & Stella @madonna is a joint Instagram account she shares with her twin sister Esther. As of 2022, it has over 7000 followers.

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