Lisa Hammond Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Lisa Hammond, a talented television actress, was born on June 2, 1983 in Chichester, England. Lisa has appeared in a number of projects over the years, including Quills, Vera, and EastEnders. Her work has undoubtedly brought her fame and popularity among audiences, which she adores.

Furthermore, at 4 feet 1 inch (1.24 meters) tall, Lisa Hammond has done more than enough justice to her career while so many others are still struggling to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Height and Disability

Lisa, whether you knew it or not, has a restricted growth condition that requires her to use a wheelchair to move from one location to another. She does, however, walk on her feet when she is able.

In a similar vein, Lisa performed a scene for her show EastEnders without the assistance of her wheelchairs in 2015. Strangers later abused and insulted her on the streets, saying,

“How come you’re sitting in a chair when you were walking on EastEnders last night?”

Furthermore, such scenarios are difficult to digest because you want people to look good on you because, despite her disability, she has worked hard and made a career out of it.

From 2014 to 2018, Lisa Hammond played Donna Yates in BBC’s EastEnders. (Image courtesy of BBC)

Moving on, Lisa left the soap opera ‘EastEnders’ in 2018 after four years as Donna Yates.

About Her Family

Lisa was raised by her parents in England until her parents divorced when she was seven years old. Her mother, Boone, and her older sister took care of her after that.

Despite living apart from her father, Lisa maintained contact with him, indicating that she was dissatisfied with her parents’ divorce.

Furthermore, because she lost contact with her father at such a young age, she knew very little about her grandparents and other family details.

When Lisa grew up, she researched her family history on her own, and she discovered that her paternal grandfather’s name was Harry, and he served in World War II as a teenager.

Lisa then continued her education at City and Islington College in London.

Relationships: Husband, Partner

A person’s personal life is as important to them as the fundamentals of life. One can never avoid love, relationships, or dating because it is a part of life.

It is natural to like someone, marry a partner/husband, and raise a family, and it cannot be stopped when they come into your life at the right time.

But what one can do with that is keep their personal life private because everyone has different preferences on how to keep their personal life private.

In terms of Lisa, she has not spoken publicly about her personal life as of 2019. This could be due to her desire to keep her dating life private.

Furthermore, she could be single; however, nothing can be said until she herself discloses her personal life details.

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