Liana Brackett Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Liana Brackett is a well-known journalist in the United States. In Atlanta, Georgia, she works as an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel.

Liana was interested in both journalism and meteorology during her education, so she earned a double bachelor’s degree. Liana also attended two different universities for her double bachelor’s degree in education.

Liana received her Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from the University of California, Davis, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies from Arizona State University.

Her dual bachelor’s degrees, combined with her exceptional presentation style, have earned the lady an excellent job as an on-camera meteorologist, which undoubtedly pays well.

Relationship Status: Single?

On August 15, 2015, Liana married her husband, David Brackett. After dating for a year and a half, the two realized they had found the perfect spouse material in each other and married.

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Liana and David’s deep friendship binds them to each other and strengthens them as a couple.

Furthermore, Liana and her husband’s mutual respect for each other’s personalities and profession makes them more lovable, as evidenced by their social media posts.

Liana’s husband was also present during her Miss Georgia America competition days. His support for her was proof that he was the ideal modern husband.

Liana shared a photo of their 2nd anniversary at the end of June 2018, which was beautifully shot and portrayed them as a couple.

Their brief recollection of small-big memories with each other demonstrates how much Liana and David enjoy each moment in each other’s company.

As a result, Liana and her husband are currently living their dream life together.

Liana Brackett Biography: Age, Parents, and Body Measurements

Liana Brackett, a well-known meteorologist, is currently 33 years old. The Liana, who is also known for her beauty pageant image, celebrates her birthday every year on July 7th.

Liana’s perfect body measurements are 36-26-37 inches. Although she has not revealed her true height, she appears tall enough to justify her stunning body measurements.

When it comes to her childhood, Liana has not revealed much about her family background, but her social media posts show that she is very close to her parents.

Liana, who has her mother’s facial features, believes that her father is the main reason for her family’s happiness. She has repeatedly stated that her father is very good at bringing out the best in her. As a result, Liana bears a strong behavioral resemblance to her father.

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