Learn All About Love Life Of Roxxsaurus And Her Boyfriend Matt Gibbs

Many people’s lives have changed as a result of YouTube. PewDiePie, Jake Paul, and a slew of others have made a living off of it. Roksana Janiszewska and her boyfriend Matt Gibbs are two of the lucky individuals who have made a name for themselves on this platform.

Roksana and Matt are still together, and the lovely couple has been friends since childhood. Their friendship has blossomed over the years, and now that Matt has proposed to her, the lovely couple is expected to tie the knot soon.

Despite the fact that the dynamic duo has faced numerous challenges throughout their relationship, they have emerged strong and united. With that said, let’s learn more about the couple’s beautiful love story.

Love Life Of Roxxsaurus And Her Boyfriend Matt Gibbs

Love, they say, isn’t the most important aspect of a relationship; respect for one another is. Because you can’t love someone all of the time, respecting them is just as important.

Take Matt and Roksana for example; they, like any other couple, have quarrels, but at the end of the day, they are always together. They exemplify the ideal couple. They enjoy traveling, socializing with friends, and, most importantly, spending time together.

Matt Gibbs, Roksana Janiszewska’s or Roxxsaurus’ boyfriend, has his own YouTube channel with over 27.8K subscribers. However, he frequently uses the one he shares with his girlfriend.

Matt and Roxi co-own the YouTube channel that bears their names. They post videos of the people they meet and the places they visit there, and they basically upload videos of their daily lives. The dynamic duo also posts Q&A on occasion.

When do they plan to tie the knot?

The lovebirds, as previously stated, occasionally post Q&A videos. One of the most interesting topics they discussed was when they were going to get married. A fan inquired about the lovely couple’s future plans, and the couple, as he predicted, has a bright future ahead of them.

They stated that Roksana would soon be seen in white, as they have no plans to separate anything for the time being. They also talked about one of the most common topics they bring up when discussing marriage: children.

Yes, the couple will have children, but not right now. Roksana stated that she will not have children for another five years, whereas Matt stated that they will most likely adopt a foster child or an orphan.

Aside from that, the couple is going about their lives and frequently traveling to new and exciting places. Matt surprised their fans by proposing to Roksana during one of their trips to Iceland.

It was the most romantic thing I’d ever seen. Roxxsaurus’ soon-to-be husband Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Roksana in front of a beautiful backdrop. She said yes right away, and the two became engaged.

A Fresh Start

We all know that when a significant event occurs in one’s life, one’s status changes. Roksana and her boyfriend, Matt, experienced the same thing.

The most important thing in their lives right now is to secure their future together. As previously stated, the lovely couple got engaged in March of this year and are currently planning their wedding. As a result, they are constantly working to ensure that they can live happily ever after.

Matt assists his fiancee in any way he can, from making videos for her YouTube channel to doing household chores. Roksana says, “He’s the perfect guy to spend the rest of your life with.”

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