Know All About Michael Cardwell – Anna Shannon’s Ex-Husband!

Michael Cardwell, Anna Shannon’s ex-husband, was born on March 12th, 1992. On the 3rd of May 2014, Michael Cardwell married his ex-wife Anna Shannon aka Chickadee in Georgia. Kylee Madison Cardwell is the name of the former love couple’s child. In addition, Michael is the stepfather of her other daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark.

Let’s take a look at the life of Anna Shannon’s ex-husband, Michael Cardwell.

In 2015, Michael Cardwell had his first child, a daughter

Michael Cardwell, as previously stated, is a father with a daughter named Kylee Madison Cardwell, who was born on December 9, 2015. Kylee is a lovely young lady with her father Michael’s stunning blue eyes.

Michael uses his Instagram account to express his love for his daughter as well. However, he is not as active on other social media platforms, and all of his Instagram posts are about his daughter.

Michael Shannon, Anna Shannon’s ex-husband, has a stepdaughter called Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon, as previously stated. He, on the other hand, treats Kaitlyn as if she were his biological child. Not only that, but Kaitlyn frequently refers to Michael as “Daddy.” This exemplifies Michael’s affection for and deep bond with his two daughters.

Michael Cardwell’s ex-wife was a child molester’s victim

Michael Cardwell considers his ex-wife Anna to be the most powerful woman in the planet. Mama June, his mother-in-law, had a major falling out with Anna after June was spotted with Mark McDaniel, the man convicted of abusing Anna when she was eight years old.

Cardwell’s mother-in-law June, on the other hand, denied any connection to McDaniel, the recently released prisoner, and their feud spilled over into network television in the shape of opposing interviews. Since then, the two haven’t appeared to be close, but Anna is close with her sisters Lauryn and Jessica Shannon.

Michael Cardwell’s ex-wife Anna, according to Radaronline, forgave her mother June on Christmas in 2015. Michael would also have made a terrific first husband, according to Mama June.

Anna Shannon’s ex-husband’s relationship status

Except for the fact that he married his ex-wife Anna Shannon in April 2017 after three years of joyful marriage, not much is known about truck mechanic Michael Cardwell’s previous relationships. The news of their breakup was widely circulated on the internet.

The former couple’s breakup was revealed when both of their social media handles updated their marital status to separated. Anna, on the other hand, acknowledged that they both adore each other no matter what. Michael Cardwell is currently unmarried, although he still looks after his daughters.

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