Keryl Silas Has Been Married to Stephen Silas Since 2002 – Does the Couple Have Any Children?

Stephen Silas is an American basketball coach who is presently the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets (NBA).

Keryl Silas previously worked for the Dallas Mavericks as an assistant coach. This 47-year-old is the son of Paul Silas, a long-time NBA head coach.

Stephen’s professional accomplishments have tended to eclipse his personal life. He is married to former singer Keryl Silas. Read on to learn more about Keryl Silas, Stephen Silas’ wife and mother of two since 2002.

Keryl Silas- Early Life

On November 11, 1978, Keryl was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was born in the United States to American parents who have remained anonymous.

Her parents’ names are unknown, but she has an older sister named Kendall Watkins. Keryl graduated from Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. She graduated from the University of California with a master’s degree in education.

Bobby Phills, a former NBA player, is the widow of Keryl’s older sister.

Keryl’s family has a long history of involvement in basketball. Kendall Watkins Phills, her sister, was married to NBA player Bobby Phills.

Due to Bobby’s death, Kendall was forced to become a widow. Bobby was killed in an automobile accident in Charlotte, North Carolina when he was 30 years old.

Keryl Silas Husband
Source: ECelebrityMirror

May his spirit find eternal rest. Kay Jai was Keryl’s stage name after she performed in a music video for the song Slow Down with Snoop Dogg and Mia X.

Regina Belle, Nancy Wilson, The Temptations, and Britney Spears have all performed with her as openers. She’s also the founder of Clain It Production, a company that encourages young people to pursue their goals.

Stephen Silas and Keryl Silas are the parents of two children.

Kyler Elyse and Kaelyn, the couple’s two lovely daughters, are their proud parents. Because Stephen’s two girls are very young, little is known about them.

They do, however, feature on their father’s game alongside their mother from time to time. Stephen and his wife’s lives have been made a lot more interesting by their lovely daughters. As an NBA coach, managing time must be difficult for him, which is where Keryl comes in.

Keryl Silas, Stephen Silas’ wife, has been a great mother to Kyler and Kaelyn. It only adds to her beauty that she is not allowing anything to stifle her daughter’s development.

Their anonymity on social media contributes to the privacy they need for a better future. Let’s hoping they grow up to be lovely young ladies.

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