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Jorge Perez has successfully established himself as one of the best sports announcers in the United States through his hard work and dedication. He works as a play-by-play announcer for ESPN Deportes, FOX Sports, Amazon Prime, and DAZN, among others.

Some believe that Jorge’s almost two-decade career as a commentator has prepared him for the World Cup.

Among the many unknown facts about him, most people are unaware that he has only done commentary for one World Cup tournament. Jorge Perez’s first world cup experience came during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

His first competition commentary was for the match between Peru and Denmark.

Many viewers appreciated his commentary, and Jorge quickly became a viral star. Hopefully, the man will reach a more significant level of success in the coming days.

Jorge Perez: Wife and Children

Jorge Perez has always been animated when discussing his family life. He continues to post on social media about his family members and his relationship with them.

Jorge Perez appears to be very close to his son, Sebastian Perez-Navarro, based on his photographs. Jorge’s photos with Sebastian make it clear that Sebastian is the most important and vital part of Jorge’s life.

Jorge’s Instagram bio, in addition to pictures, helps define his relationship with his son.

Jorge declares his profession in the bio, but also introduces himself as a “proud father of Sebastian.” As a result, Jorge’s love for his son does not require any further explanation.

Many people, on the other hand, may wonder about Jorge’s close relationship with his son’s mother.

However, Jorge has never revealed anything about his wife to this day. He has never mentioned his wife in an interview or on social media.

Some of his fans believe Jorge and his wife are no longer together. This could be why he avoids discussing his wife.

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However, reaching a decision without Jorge’s approval is not a good idea. As a result, his fans should wait for him to speak on the subject before drawing any conclusions at this time.

Jorge Perez: Family and Age

Jorge Perez, a sports announcer from Guadalajara, Mexico, is currently 50 years old. He is a resident of Miami, Florida, with Mexican nationality.

Jorge was born into a Mexican family and raised there. He spent the majority of his life in his native Mexico. Later, he relocated to the United States with his family.

Jorge spent his early years in the United States in El Paso, Texas. He later relocated to Miami and settled with his family. Without a doubt, Miami was the best option for his professional convenience and personal fulfillment.

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