Jennifer Hammond Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Jennifer Hammond rose to prominence as a sports journalist for the FOX 2 network. The lady, who celebrates her birthday on March 22nd each year, has always been interested in sports reporting.

Jennifer went to Western Michigan University for her education as a result of her passion and graduated with a BA degree in Broadcast Communications in 1988.

Her advancement in the field was visible even during her university days, as she was involved in numerous clubs and social groups.

Relationship Status: Single?

Jennifer has embraced all of her relationships. Despite the end of its social value, not everyone is fortunate to have relationships that last a lifetime.

Jennifer was previously married for many years to Brad Morton. More than anything else, Jennifer and her husband had a deep understanding and respect for each other that bound them in a lifetime bond despite their divorce.

Jennifer has never been open about her divorce from her husband; however, her December 2018 Instagram post confirms that the two are no longer a couple but still have a good relationship. Jennifer has also shared a cute photo with Brad and his current wife on Instagram.

Their children are undoubtedly the reason for their good relationship despite their separation, which is also enhanced by their positivity and respect for one another as individuals.

Jennifer and her ex-husband have three children: two daughters and a son. Morgan and Sydney, their lovely daughters, have turned 25 and 15, respectively. Their daring son Reily, on the other hand, is now 18 years old.

Jennifer and Brad’s son, Reily, celebrated his 18th birthday in February 2019, with the entire family present, demonstrating their unbreakable bond.

Hopefully, this family bond will always be an inspiration to many families.

Salary and Career

Jennifer was already working as a reporter before she finished her education. She began her career as a reporter, writer, and producer at Western Michigan University’s Sports Information Site.

She later worked as an on-air personality and reporter for Radio Kalamazoo. She was there for four years, from 1984 to 1988.

Jennifer later joined Shadow Traffic as a traffic reporter after graduating from university. Jennifer went on to work for Chicagoland Television News as a traffic reporter and sports anchor.

Her primary interest was always in sports reporting. So, the lady was most likely dissatisfied with her job, which led her to leave traffic reporting and pursue a full-time sports reporting position.

As a result, Jennifer became a sports reporter and co-host for WDFN Sportsradio 1130. She left the channel after more than three years to work as a full-time sports reporter for WJBK-TV/FOX 2 Detroit. Jennifer has been working as a sports reporter for the FOX 2 channel for over two decades.

Despite her long association with the channel, Jennifer has not revealed much about her earnings as a sports reporter. Jennifer’s salary as a FOX 2 reporter is reportedly around $49K right now.

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