Jared Leto | Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Jared Leto’s Workout and Diet Routine: Jared Leto is an actor and musician who has appeared in films and television shows such as Suicide Squad, The Little Things, Morbius, Fight Club, Justice League, Into The Wild, and others.

He’s also a better Joker, as evidenced by his performance as the Joker in Suicide Squad. For this generation of children, he is better known as the Joker. He is also recognized for his body physique, and for his upcoming film, he has bulked up considerably. (rencenter.org) So, if you’re looking for the Jared Leto fitness program and nutrition plan, stay reading.

Diet Plan of Jared Leto

The diet of Jared Leto was also covered in the article. He appears to have been a vegan for almost two decades, which explains why he doesn’t bulk up quickly. He’d eat a lot of vegetables and drink a vegan protein smoothie twice a day as part of his diet.

To bulk up, Jared probably consumes five to six meals every day. As a result, I’ll provide you a vegan meal plan that’s high in carbs and protein. This eating plan is for bulking up, so don’t follow it if you’re trying to lose weight.

The following foods are included in Jared Leto’s diet:


  • Oatmeal with fruits and honey
  • Juice
  • Avocado toast (whole grain bread)


  • Vegan protein smoothie


  • Tofu steak or stir-fried veggies
  • Rice
  • Salad

Evening Snack

  • Vegan protein smoothie


  • Whole grain pasta, quinoa, or vegan chicken
  • A small bowl of rice
  • Veggies
  • Salad

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 72 kg
Age 49 years
Chest 42 inch
Waist 30 inch
Bicepses 13 inch

Workout Routine of Jared Leto

Have you seen the 2021 version of Jared? OMG, look at how good he looks! I couldn’t believe he was the same persona he was at the start of the Suicide Squad film. He has recently undergone a remarkable turnaround that has astounded many people, including myself.

Is it just me, or has his personality improved dramatically? He’d become a little too hot! Jared appears to have morphed into a cross between Zac and Jason, but it’s still excellent. Let’s find out how he got into fitness and how he was able to bulk up so much for his new role.

I looked up his earlier workout routine and discovered that it was during the filming of Suicide Squad, when he was trying to get ripped and bulk up. Jared used to undertake natural activities like walking, staying active, doing some yoga, cycling, and mountain climbing as part of his routines.

It wasn’t contingent on him working out at the gym, and he wasn’t being cast in a role that required him to bulk up. However, now that we’ve seen more of him thanks to his upcoming films Morbius and Tron 3, we’ve seen more of him. Jared has begun to bulk up; who knows, he might just be the next major supervillain or superhero.

So, how did Jared manage to transform into a superhero? According to the Looper piece, it wasn’t that complicated; not much has changed. Jared appears to be continuing his efforts to walk at least 10,000 steps per day and to be active and workout every day in some form.

It was claimed that Jared began his workout with weight lifting, almost as if he were a bodybuilder. That wouldn’t surprise me because it’s the most effective technique to bulk up. Rather than doing too complex exercises that appear to be effective for others, I believe in focusing on the most specialized workouts that produce the best results for you.

I wouldn’t call Jared’s routines simple, but I don’t believe he needed to do difficult exercises to grow muscle. Jared must have done activities in 4 to 5 sets with heavyweight and low reps, in my opinion. That is the most effective method for gaining muscle and increasing muscular mass. Now that we’ve mastered the training regimen, I’ll give you a game plan to help you achieve Jared’s physique.

The following are some of Jared Leto’s workouts:

Routine in the Morning

We’ll begin with some cardio, which will include 20 minutes of running, followed by a yoga lesson. I recommend looking for a yoga class that is roughly 20 minutes away so you can run there and warm up beforehand. Try to attend a yoga session at least four times a week, and on the other days, go bicycling, hiking, or whatever you feel like doing.

Evening Schedule

We’ll undertake a six-day gym workout that focuses on a single body area in this training pattern. It would be sufficient to perform easy workouts. In every workouts, we’ll do heavyweight movements and increase the sets while decreasing the reps.

Sets: 4 to 5

Reps: 8 to 6

Rest time: 30 to 60 seconds


  • Bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Hex press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes
  • Pec flyes
  • Cable flyes


  • Wide grip lat pulldowns
  • Close grip lat pulldowns
  • One arm cable rows
  • Bent over barbell rows
  • One-arm dumbbell rows
  • Inverted rows
  • Back lat pushdowns
  • Deadlifts


  • Military press
  • Seated shoulder press
  • One-arm lateral raises
  • Front raise
  • Upright rows
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Delt flyes
  • Bent over lateral raise (delt lateral raise)


  • Biceps dumbbell curls
  • Biceps isolation curls
  • Biceps barbell curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Spider curls
  • Triceps pushdowns
  • Triceps skull crusher
  • Triceps overhead press
  • Dumbbell kickbacks


  • Smith machine squats
  • Overhead squat
  • Lunges
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curls
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • Seated calf raises
  • Standing calf raises


  • Hack squats
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Glute kickbacks
  • Hip thruster
  • Thigh abduction
  • Single leg pushdowns
  • Hyperextension

Core (every day after each workout)

  • Crunches
  • Toe touch crunches
  • Russian twist
  • Leg raises
  • Plank knee to elbow
  • Plank hold
  • Plank twister
  • Plank walks

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