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A career as a meteorologist is difficult: only a few people are exceptionally gifted enough to leave an indelible mark on this field.

Jane Bunn, an Australian meteorologist, is one of those few who has established herself as a well-known journalist. She forecasts the weather for Channel 7 News Melbourne while also managing her marriage.

Yes, she is happily married and enjoys spending time with her husband.

Relationship Status: Single?

39-year-old Jane is married to her long-term boyfriend, Michael Bunn, an IT consultant. In 2005, the couple married in an intimate ceremony and began living together in Melbourne, Australia.

Jane and her husband have been married for 13 years and have yet to have a child.

However, there has been no mention of the couple’s problems since their marriage. There have never been any rumors about their feuds or extramarital affairs.

Instead, Jane posts pictures of herself with her husband on social media on a regular basis, reflecting the joy of her married life. She is undoubtedly enjoying her days with her partner while juggling her hectic work schedules.

Biography of Jane Bunn

Jane was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on December 1, 1978. Jen was raised by her single mother alongside her two sisters after her father left the family when Jen’s youngest sister was six weeks old.

Her mother and sisters were extremely supportive of her pursuit. As a result, Jane has a special bond with her mother. Jane told the courier about her mother on May 10, 2013. She stated that her love and gratitude for her mother, Bev Jennings, has grown with her age.

Jane recalls happy times spent with her mother when she was younger. Her mother, Bev, did not enjoy cooking, but Jane enjoyed it when she did. Jane’s interview revealed that she has a wonderful relationship with her mother and sisters.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science and Mathematics from Monash University in 2005. Jane also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Charles Sturt University.

Jane earned a Graduate Diploma in Meteorology from the Bureau of Meteorology in 2006. She was hired as a weather forecaster in Sydney after finishing her studies.

She then decided to make the transition to television in 2008, when she accepted a position as the morning meteorologist at The Weather Channel. Eventually, in June 2009, she was appointed as WIN News Vitoria’s weather presenter and gained a large following as farmers relied heavily on her bulletins.

Jane resigned from WIN News Victoria in June 2014 to work on a new project after five years as a weather presenter. She was hired as a weather presenter replacement for ABC News Breakfast and ABC News Victoria.

The Seven Network announced in November 2017 that Jane would be joining the Seven News Melbourne team in December.

Jane enjoys her job as a meteorologist and working with channel 7. Her dedication and love for her work can be deduced from her Instagram feed, which is overflowing with her work.

Jane reported live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground with Jacqueline Felgate on September 8, 2018, according to her Instagram feeds. She currently earns an estimated annual salary of more than $65 thousand as a meteorologist.

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