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Jack Fielder-Civil is the son of Blake Fielder-Civil. Blake is well-known because he used to be Amy Winehouse’s husband.

Net Worth and Salary

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As of 2021, Jack Fielder-Civil has a net worth of about $2 million. No one knows how much his parents are worth because no one knows where they get their money. Blake’s ex-wife, Amy Winehouse, was worth $10 million.

His father, Blake, is an actor. He was in the movie “Amy” in 2015. When he and Amy broke up, he got $450,000 from her. He made money by selling photos and information about Amy and himself to the media.

Amy used to be a well-known and skilled singer. She arranged music, wrote music, and played music. She got rich by selling records and playing concerts and shows live.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Fielder-Civil
First Name Jack
Middle Name Fielder
Last Name Civil
Date of Birth 2011
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality British
Father Name Blake Fielder-Civil
Father Profession British actor
Mother Name Sarah Aspin
Gender Identity Male
Sibilings Lola Jade Fielder-Civil

The Family of His Parents

Jack is the name of Blake Fielder-Civil and Sarah Aspin’s son. Blake and Sarah first met at the recovery center where they were both being treated for heroin addiction.

He has a younger sister named Lola Jade Fielder-Civil. Blake kept the middle name Jade for his daughter as a tribute to his ex-wife, Amy Winehouse. He is the grandson of Georgette Civil and Lance Fielder.

Who his father was with before

Jake’s dad, Blake, used to be married to the singer Amy Winehouse. Blake and Amy met at a bar called “The Good Mixer” in Camden. Back then, Blake worked as a gofer on music video sets at a local pub, and Amy was just getting started as a musician. Before they got married on May 18, 2007, in Miami, they were together for almost four years.

Their relationship was hard, and after two years of fights, abuse, and cheating, it ended. On July 16, 2009, they broke up because their parents told them to. Even after they got a divorce, they kept in touch, and Amy went to see Blake in jail often.

She even wrote him a lot of letters and sent him a lot of text messages. Amy tried to meet Blake a few days before she died, but she wasn’t able to. Amy was 27 years old when she died in 2011 from drinking too much.


Jake now lives with his parents and sister on a farm in Leeds. One of the most dangerous places is there. Blake, Jack’s dad, was arrested for allegedly setting fire to his 7th-floor apartment in November 2019. Reports say that he left smiling and told his neighbors that he had set the curtains on fire. He then went to get more drugs to smoke.

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