Is Frank Fritz From ‘American Picker’ Getting Married? Learn About His Relationship Status!

In the past, American television personality Frank Fritz had to deal with LGBT rumors. The rumors were debunked by his successful connection with his partner.

The Iowa native is best known for his antique collecting hobby, which he publicized after appearing on the American television show American Pickers in 2010. Mike Wolfe, Danny Koker, Robbie Wolfe, and Danielle Colby are among the other pickers who appear on the show.

52-year-old Frank began collecting artifacts at a young age. As a kid, he collected rocks and beer cans. He did, however, put an end to his picking and began working as a fire and safety inspector for several years. After abandoning his work, Frank concentrated on his passion for choosing. On January 18, 2010, he debuted on television with Mike Wolfe’s antique-and-junk reality show American Pickers.

The History Network show followed the couple as they searched garages, junkyards, and barns for unique antiquities and national treasures. They also purchased one-of-a-kind items from collectors to keep in their shop or personal collections.

What Will Frank and His American Pickers Team Do When They Arrive?

Prepare using what you have in your antique vault, Arkansas! Because Frank Fritz and his team of American Pickers are planning a visit to Arkansas in November 2018. The reality show will not be filming episodes in the river valley exclusively this time. Since its premiere in 2010, the show has featured professional pickers Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe.

Over the years, the hosts have discovered numerous treasures, including gold and gems. They’ve uncovered intriguing stories about the assets, and they’re never bored with the prospect of discovering something new. In the fall of 2018, their search for historically significant artefacts will take them to Arkansas.

Frank Fritz Speaks Out Against Gay Rumors

Since, Frank, who was born on October 11, 1965, has shared his life with his co-star Mike on the reality show while keeping his personal life private.

Frank’s private life sparked LGBT rumors because he had never been romantically linked with anyone. Furthermore, he never mentioned having a girlfriend or being married. Instead, he spent quality time with his co-star Mike, prompting speculation that the two were dating behind the scenes.

Frank, on the other hand, refuted all gay suspicions by disclosing his partner on social media.

A Perfect Match for Frank Fritz’s Girlfriend

Frank is seeing a woman named Diane, who also happens to be the grandmother of her grown daughter’s son.  Despite the fact that Frank regularly updates his social media accounts with photos of his girlfriend, he has yet to reveal when he met Diane and how long they have been together.

Despite this, Frank began publishing images with his girlfriend in 2015. Since then, his posts have mirrored his girlfriend’s outfits as well as his admiration for her. On January 15, 2015, Frank shared a photo of himself and his wife-like-girlfriend on Facebook. Frank referred to Diane as his “girl” in the caption and marketed his shirt as “Born To Bundle gear.”

Surprisingly, the two spent precious time together as well. In August 2015, the two went to South Dakota to watch the sun set, and Frank shared a photo of the occasion on Facebook.

Not only does Frank get along well with Diane, but he also gets along well with her daughter Paige. In September 2017, he visited Savannah with his girlfriend and her daughter and shared a photo on Facebook.

Frank has truly found “The One,” and the two form a lovely couple. The couple, on the other hand, has made no mention of getting married and moving their romance to the next level.

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