Who is Sophie Hermann? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Popular English actress Sophie Hermann announced on February 17, 2021, on her Instagram live that she and DJ Tom Zanetti’s relationship went beyond the Celebs Go Dating sets.

However, Sophie Hermann romance appears to have had a shelf life because the couple breaks up after six months of dating.

Why Did Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti Split?

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Since participating in the reality series Celebs Go Dating, the couple has fallen in love and has become one of the most anticipated celebrity couples.

Later, Tom and his previous partner Hermann joined the reality series Made in Chelsea in order to stay close.

Everything appeared to be going well between the two, as their Instagram accounts were flooded with adorable couple photos. However, the news of the couple’s split shocked their supporters.

According to a source, “it was a shock to everyone because they seemed so in love, but it was so emotional meeting on CGD, then moving in together on MIC – it was a lot, very soon.”

The distance between Tom and Hermann is also cited as a factor in their separation. Hermann lives in London, while Tom lives in Leeds, which puts him nearer to his adolescent son.

Things might have been difficult when they had to stay apart in real life, in contrast to the reality series when they remained together the entire time.

It is clear enough that the reality show stars have genuinely broken up because they have already stopped following one another and erased Instagram postings about one another.

Hermann also made it quite obvious in an interview about her relationship with Tom by stating,

In any case, I wouldn’t call it a relationship. Due to the limited amount of time, we had to spend together, we never defined anything.

As seen on Sophie and Tom’s since-deleted Instagram post.

Hermann’s Dating History

Hermann has connections to a few other well-known figures prior to her relationship with Tom.

She dated John Hynes, a close friend of Lewis Hamilton, a British racer. The two made headlines in 2015 by flaunting their relationship at several events in the entertainment industry.

However, the bigger news was when Hermann’s name was connected to Johny Deep, a famous actor, following her breakup with Hynes. However, according to a source, nothing seems to have occurred between the two other than the rumor that they were conversing on the phone.

The star of the reality series shocked viewers in 2017 when she announced her romance with co-star Frederik Ferrier, following the headline-grabbing rumors about Hermann and Johny Deep. Following their appearances together in Made In Chelsea, the couple’s romance began to blossom.

The brief romance ended, though, and Hermann was soon spotted out on a blind date with model Will Higginson. That, too, was short-lived.

Hermann, a.k.a. The Duchess, had a relationship with Tom Zenetti for six months after a string of quick flings.

A short Bio

Hermann, who is renowned for leading a stylish and opulent lifestyle, has amassed a sizable following as a result of her appearances on the reality series Made In Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating. She was born in Germany, went to school there, and is currently a resident of London.

She is the heir to her grandmother’s clothing line, the Mustang Jeans, and comes from a wealthy family. Additionally, her stepgrandmother, Uschi Glas, is a well-known German actress, and her father was a well-known business strategist.

Hermann has made a name for herself in the entertainment and business worlds despite being surrounded by such powerful individuals in her family and having her own line of clothing.

Her exact net worth is unknown, but given the success of both her business and entertainment careers, she is undoubtedly entitled to a sizeable sum.

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