Inside Trixie Mattel’s Relationship with Boyfriend David Silver!

Brian Firkus aka Trixie Mattel’s upcoming Grown Up tour, like her prior works, is highly influenced by her current relationship status.

This one, unlike Ages 3 and Up and Moving Parts, is based on Trixie Mattel three-year relationship with David Silver, her boyfriend.

The fan-favorite drag queen opened out about her forthcoming tour in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Trixie Mattel Has ‘Permanently Grown Up’

In the 2019 interview, the reality star revealed that she had recently turned thirty and had recognized she had “officially grown up” at that moment. She wanted to use her set to convey her transition into adulthood now that her childhood was officially finished.

If drag has taught me anything, it’s that adults simply want to be children. That’s why grown-ups attend drag shows… I guess I prefer a show in which we can make the audience feel like children while still confronting their adult worries.

More than that, the comic wants to use material from her three years with Silver for her current tour. This isn’t the first time her love attempts, or lack thereof, have served as the basis for one of her programs.

Ages 3 and Up, for example, included a healthy portion about her break-up, whereas the Moving Parts was based on her singlehood. The multi-faceted drag queen, on the other hand, assured me that the upcoming concert would be out of this world.

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‘Hates’ in silver Being Cast in Television Shows

Silver’s association with Mattel is the longest she’s ever had, so it’s logical and anticipated that it has influenced her creative output. Silver, on the other hand, would prefer not to be a part of the program.

Silver despises it when Mattel laughs about private matters onstage, especially with his mother in the crowd, Mattel explained….and I’m like, ‘Does she think we’re gay so we can share clothes?’

A 2020 Tour For ‘Grown Up’ Was Supposed To Be Announced

Having said that, Trixie had planned the Grown-Up tour for 2020, but it had to be rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts. She admitted in an interview with PopMatters that the rescheduling of the gigs, as well as the general lockdown situation, made her upset.

She, on the other hand, refused to grumble about it! Mattel, on the other hand, decided to concentrate on the things she could accomplish from her condo.

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