Dehea Abraham: Her Personal And Professional Life

Llyod Polite Jr., better known by his stage name Lloyd, is dating Dehea Abraham, with whom she has two children.

Even though Dehea Abraham and Lloyd have been dating for a while, nobody is aware of them having exchanged wedding vows.

Lloyd, Dehea’s partner, was a member of Preteen-boy Band N-Toon, an R&B group. His 2004 debut single, “Southside,” with Ashanti, peaked at number forty on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Since their 2015 engagement, Abraham and Lloyd have been parents to two kids. Learn more about who she was before dating the rapper and about her personal and professional life in the details that follow.

Was Dehea Abraham A Model?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, some people believe Dehea initially tried out for runway models. There are even images of her mugshot posing, as if for modeling purposes.

Dehea Abraham was born on October 29th. The children’s mother, who is a vegan, is Lloyd. Abraham allegedly also competed in gymnastics. Dante Abraham, a younger brother, and sister is also related to her.

What year did Dehesa and Lloyd begin dating? Lloyd was influenced by Dehea to go vegan.

Although Lloyd and Abraham have not publicly stated their relationship status, based on Dehea’s Instagram, the two may have started dating in 2015. Abraham shared a photo of herself with a man who is only partially visible in the photo on August 17, 2015. Later, the complete imaging surfaced, and it was revealed to be none other than Lloyd.

In 2015, Dehesa Abraham and Lloyd began dating.

Then, on December 21, 2015, Abraham once more posted a photo of her and Lloyd; however, this time, there appeared to be tension between them, as if there was a serious issue going on behind them. The rapper and the animal activist had become a thing throughout the following few Ig posts, it became crystal clear.

In December 2015, Lloyd and Dehea Abraham

Since then, the couple has been a unit. They haven’t yet arrived, though, to share the news of their nuptials. Living in Atlanta, Georgia, with their kids Abraham and Lloyd.

Polite Jr. acknowledges that his girlfriend was a major factor in his decision to switch to a plant-based diet. He claims that among the many ways she assisted her was in reducing his food and taste addiction.

Abraham is the subject of Lloyd’s two songs, Porcelain and Caramel.

Abraham Won’t Turn Down Lloyd’s Threesome Proposal, According to Lloyd

Abraham’s husband has been outspoken and unafraid about his opinion of monogamy, including how boring and difficult it is. The wouldn’t mind trying new experiences, the father of two said while speaking with Lip Service in September 2018; the rapper was then asked if his girlfriend would be down for a threesome.

“She would try it and do it. Dehea would reply, “Okay, let’s give it a shot.” She won’t say, “I just don’t like that.” I won’t be doing that.

the 35-year-old artist said. But when asked if he would help her, Lloyd replied, “Depends! I’m not allowed to poke fun at someone behind. I’m not capable of doing it. After that, the hosts immediately started attacking the singer with a barrage of unflattering comments. However, the singer acknowledged that he would not consider the a**-eating part of her fantasy.

Abraham and Lloyd have two children together; their partner’s child was lost through abortion with an ex-girlfriend.
In September 2017, Abraham and Lloyd gave birth to a son they named River Polite. Then, in late 2018, the couple welcomed a daughter, still unnamed, into the world.

Only in the 32nd week of the pregnancy had AD Dehea revealed the information. She posted a picture of her growing baby bump on Instagram with the caption,

“Ohhh 32w! We’re getting close, she wrote. I need you to rub my belly when you get home, Lloyd.

On the other hand, Lloyd tweeted, “Another blessing thank you, Lord,” to express his excitement.

For Polite Jr., the year of the birth of his first child was a significant one. He not only welcomed his son but also made a comeback in the music industry by putting out his first project in a decade. After having River, the artist admitted to crying nonstop for three weeks. He stated:

“For the first three weeks after having my son, I cried every day. I now have a newfound respect for my mother, especially considering that she raised me all by herself.

The singer admitted during an interview with The Breakfast Club that the birth of his son, River, had a more profound emotional impact on him than he had anticipated. This was because he had previously experienced the loss of a child through abortion while dating his ex-girlfriend.

Even in his song “Tru,” the New Orleans native sings about losing a child to miscarriage.

I could have had my child now, so when I returned home and helped my sister raise a child, it hurt a little. Now that I’ve lost my baby, it’s hitting home.

In August 2016, Lloyd revealed that his ex-partner made the choice instead of him with Sway’s Universe.

On fatherhood, Dehea Abraham’s boyfriend says

Llyod spoke with Madame Noire about how becoming a father affected his life. He claimed that as a father, he would always be expected to set a good example for his kids.

I have been deeply humbled by it. Additionally, it has given me the energy and motivation to simply be the best version of myself.

the 35-year-old rapper said.

The Southside singer continued by describing how becoming a father improved him. He argued that having children has helped him develop into the best version of himself. Every time Lloyd considers his kids, he feels his life turning around.

After losing his sister, Abraham’s husband developed depression.

In the past, Dehea’s boyfriend, Lloyd, has spoken out about his struggles with depression and anxiety as well as getting over the loss of his young sister. When the singer of King Of Hearts was less than a year old, her sister passed away. Lloyd estimates that the year was probably 1992–1993; he hardly ever brings up the subject.

The rapper also acknowledged that the subject of his song “Lil Sis” is a letter he writes to his deceased baby sister informing her of events in his life.

The Dehea Abraham Attempted America’s Next Top Model, But Did She?

Back Several hopeful models attended America’s Next Top Model auditions in New York in April 2009. According to sources, Tyra Banks and the ANTM producers selected at least some of their contestants during private tryouts, and the open cattle calls held across the nation were largely just publicity gimmicks. This means that the audition was essentially a hoax.

Many newcomers’ hopes were at their lowest point; they truly believed they had a chance and that the tryouts were genuine. Amanda Almeida, one of the competitors, sustained cuts and bruises throughout her entire leg, back, and hip. Almeida suffered some physical harm for a purportedly staged audition. Her mother accused Tyra of causing her to end up in the hospital, and she asked ANTM to help with the hospital bills.

Abraham, a young woman from Georgia who had traveled to New York for the audition, was another deserving aspirant who was disappointed.

She disclosed that she had spent $240 on the flight and $184 per night for the hotel and that her dream had vanished in a matter of seconds. Even though the dust has settled on that incident, it is still unclear whether the Georgia girl at the time was Lloyd’s girlfriend. Abraham has also never publicly discussed participating in this kind of show.

Abraham is close with actor Gail Bean.

Abraham, Lloyd’s partner, and actress Gail Bean, best known for her roles in Test Pattern, Unexpected, Skin In The Game, and Paradise Lost, get along well.

Abraham frequently discusses Bean’s films on her Instagram. The actress has thanked the mother of two in the past as well.

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