How Did Marlee Matlin And Kevin Grandalski Fall In Love? Let’s Go 30 Years Back!

Marlee Matlin and her police officer husband, Kevin Grandalski, have been married for almost three decades. On August 29, 1993, the pair married at the home of actor Henry Winkler.

Sarah, born in 1996, Brandon, born in 2000, Tyler, born in 2002, and Isabelle, born in 2003, are the couple’s four children from their marriage. But what made Matlin fall in love with her spouse 30 years ago? Here’s a timetable of events!

The First Meeting Between Marlee Matlin and Her Husband

Matlin met her husband on a Los Angeles street corner in June 1991, while filming a scene for her NBC series Reasonable Doubts, where Grandalski was directing traffic. When Grandalski first encountered Matlin, he had no idea who she was. He only recognized she was an actress after someone pointed her out to him.

They ran into each other again seven months later, and it was then that they started flirting.

“I looked him out,” the diva told People in March 1993, recalling the incident. Both fell in love with one other and established a relationship later.

They went on their first official date after committing to a romance in a hidden area in an L.A. park for a picnic lunch. He also dropped down on his knees and presented her with a three-carat diamond ring on his birthday, February 13, 1993.

She said she wanted “as many children as my uterus can take” after he proposed to her.

Marlee Matlin Was Supposedly Obsessed with Cops

The actress was born in Morton Grove, Illinois, to Don Matlin, a used-car dealer, and his wife, Libby, a jewelry saleswoman. She enjoyed watching The Streets of San Francisco, Mannix, and CHiPs while she was there. She continued her education in criminal justice and considered a career in law enforcement.

She had a thing for cops since she was a child for those reasons. Even the executive producer of Reasonable Doubts, Robert Singer, confirmed as much in a People piece. Grandalski, on the other hand, has wanted to be a cop since he was a teenager. He grew raised in Fresno, California, as the eldest of three children of Richmond Grandalski, a forestry worker, and Charlotte Grandalski, a postmistress.

When questioned about her childhood dream of being a cop, the actress replied, “Marrying one is better.”

Kevin Grandalski and Marlee Matlin’s 28th Wedding Anniversary

Matlin used Instagram on August 29, 2021 to inform her fans about a very momentous occasion.

“Our 28th wedding anniversary is today! Countless blessings, “She implied that she and her spouse were celebrating their wedding anniversary in the caption of her photo.

She continued to express herself in her post, saying she was looking forward to spending another 28 years with him and beyond. The actress is very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and four wonderful children. As a result, she couldn’t help but brag about her family — her life partner and children — in her social media posts on a frequent basis.

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