Here’s All You Need To Know About The Relationship Of Mike Wolfe And Jodi Faeth!

Since the day they met, TV star Mike Wolfe and his wife Jodi Faeth have been a perfect marriage. And they demonstrate it on a regular basis. While Jodi claims to be a great wife and mother, Mike has always been by her side, even when she was diagnosed with cancer.

We’ll try to trace their path from their initial meeting to their wedding and now as parents in this article. Let’s take a closer look.

Mike Wolfe and his wife Jodi Faeth have been married for a long time

Relationships aren’t always successful. Furthermore, in a society where dating services and apps have become widespread, a long-term partnership is an uncommon occurrence.

Mike and Jodi, on the other hand, have defied all odds when it comes to establishing an example as a married pair. They married on September 8, 2012, and are still going strong; their honeymoon was spent in Hawaii.

Mike Wolf and Jodi Faeth are a couple. Mike Wolf and Jodi Faeth married in 2012. The couple has not had any infidelity troubles in their 8-year marriage, which makes them stand out as husband and wife.

Is there a child between them?

Charlie Faeth Wolfe is the name of Mike and Jodi’s daughter. She arrived on January 20, 2012, seven months before her parents’ wedding, weighing nine pounds and four ounces.

The fact that Charlie uses both Faeth and Wolfe as her surname is intriguing. Jodi also has another child from a prior relationship, a son named Kyle.

Jodi is overjoyed to be a mother and says that having a child reminds her of her childhood. When asked what the nicest aspect of being a mother is, she said:

The blueberry pancakes in my hair and the wet lips. Kids remind you of your own childhood and how much fun it can be to be stupid. Everything doesn’t have to be that serious.

Constructive Surgery was performed on their daughter

Faeth’s daughter was born with a cleft lip, which they didn’t detect until months later. They immediately began medicating their child after learning of the situation.

To remedy the deformity, Charlie reportedly endured two facial reconstruction surgeries. When Jodie was asked about Charlie’s surgery, she stated,

Charlie is a brave young lady who even astonished the physicians by being allowed to leave early. We know how lucky we were to be able to afford the best specialists for Charlie.

Mike and Jodi Faeth met 18 years before their wedding.

Jodi and Mike were married in 2012, but they had been together for more than 18 years before that. They are said to have met for the first time in 1994.

Mike’s passion for collecting antiques and repurposing them into high-end decorative pieces was one of the things that attracted Jodi to her. And, as Jodi confesses, his passion for antiques has remained as appealing to her throughout the years.

They also attribute their communication and understanding for their long-term relationship. Jodie stated in an interview on the same thing:

I believe we both put in extra effort to communicate and make sure the other person is okay.

The couple currently resides in Iowa. The happily married pair currently resides in a $176k home in Iowa. Mike House, an antiques collector, also owns two decor businesses where he displays his most prized possessions. There are also two car garages and a patio on the property. Mike’s TV show American Pickers has also featured the mansion.

Wife of Mike Wolf Jodi was told she had cancer

Jodi was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) in the second stage in December 2013. This type of cancer affects lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that play an important role in immunity.

This malignancy is frequent in people who are addicted to carcinogenic chemicals, but Jodi is vegan and follows a strict exercise and diet regimen.

In any case, she was fortunate to be detected at an early stage, when the disease could be treated with adequate medication and good practices. She is cancer-free at the moment. In an interview about cancer, she stated,

Even vegan, exercising, juicing mamas get cancer, believe it or not. I was the last person to anticipate it. Then, all of a sudden, life was everything I could have hoped for…

Jodi Faeth’s husband is well-known for his work with American pickers

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz star in the American reality show American Pickers, which airs on The History Channel. The show is extremely popular, and it follows the two of them as they travel around the country in quest of long-forgotten antiques. They eventually attempt to return them to their previous state.

Both cast members are well-known for their contributions to the show. On IMDb, the show has a 7.9 rating and 7.9 on

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