Here’s All You Need To Know About David Asman Including His Marriage with Wife Marta Cecilia!

David Asman

David Asman is an American television news anchor who is best known for hosting Forbes on Fox and anchoring the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

He previously hosted Fox News Live weekdays before joining the Fox News Channel’s documentary section. While his professional pursuits have been fruitful, his wedded life with Marta Cecilia Asman has also been fruitful.

Here’s a rundown of Asman’s professional and personal life.

Age and Career of David Asman

Asman, 68, was born on February 15, 1954, in Hollis, New York. In Washington, D.C., he grew up with his parents, Robert Asman and Nancy Johnston Asman, and Melinda Asman Krasting.

Asman began working for Fox News in 1997 and has remained a part of the network ever since. He began his career on The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, where he spent twelve years covering Latin America.

He authored over 100 articles and received multiple Inter-American Press Association prizes for his work on Cuba and Mexico, as well as for moderating a weekly Latin American column.

In 1997, Asman left The Wall Street Journal to work for Fox News. Since then, he has conducted interviews with a number of well-known figures.

Along with it, he hosted Fox News Live on weekdays for several years before resigning in August 2005 to become the head of FNC’s documentary unit. Asman joined Fox Business Network in September 2007 and is now the co-anchor of Forbes on Fox as well as a variety of other Fox News specials.

Salary and Net Worth of David Asman

According to sources, Asman receives a nice salary of around $70K from his employment at Fox News. His net worth, on the other hand, is undeniably in the millions.

Asman has amassed a substantial net worth as an author of The Wall Street Journal on Managing and an adept television broadcaster. David Asman’s Married Life with Wife Marta Asman and his wife Marta Cecilia have been married for nearly three decades.

In 1984, while traveling through Central America, the television star found the love of his life.

He was in Managua for The Wall Of Street, covering Central American politics and economy. At a dinner party, a lawyer named Roger Guevara introduced him to Marta. Marta already had a son named Felipe from a prior relationship at the time. Her motherhood, however, had no effect on the reporter’s feelings for her.

He cared so passionately about her and her son that he assisted them in fleeing the Sandinistas. Fortunately, they arrived in New York in good health. David has a fantastic family with whom he has a wonderful relationship.

David Asman Is Proud Of His Children

Stepson of Asman Felipe is a Marine in the United States Marine Corps. On July 4, 2016, Asman dedicated his op-ed piece on the Fox News site to his stepson, who is a patriot. He recalled his son’s hardship as an immigrant.

Felipe left Nicaragua with his mother in November 1988 to start a new life with Asman because a communist dictatorship threatened to compel him into military service at the age of seven.

Felipe struggled to speak English and adjust to the chilly weather at first, but he eventually grew to love America and his new family. He was also considering entering the military in the United States.

Asman went on to tell how thrilled he was when Felipe became a citizen of the United States while fighting for his country in Iraq. He ended the anecdote by wishing his stepson and all immigrants patriotic well. Asman recounted a meaningful encounter he had with his stepson over his interest in the military in a November 2021 Twitter post, citing,

When I asked why he would risk his life for a country that had messed up his paperwork, he simply said, “I want to earn my citizenship.” While Asman brags about his baby on social media, he also keeps his daughter, Kristiana, up to date.

He waxed poetic about his daughter’s wedding on May 19, 2018. When his daughter gave birth to her first boy on November 12, 2020, he acknowledged his joy at becoming a grandfather.

Asman shared a video of his grandson on Mother’s Day, expressing his hope that all mothers and their children will feel the love displayed by his daughter and grandson.

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