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Who is Lyndrea Price?

Serena Williams and Venus Williams’ elder step-sister, Lyndrea Price, is well-known.

Serena and Venus are both world-class tennis players who is step sister of Lyndrea Price.

Serena holds the most singles titles in the Australian Open, with six, while Venus is the first black woman to reach No. 1 in the world.

About Lyndrea Family

Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Isha Price, and Yetunde Price are their names.

Oracene, her mother, is a tennis coach and a nurse. Serena and Venus are Serena’s mother’s step-sisters.

Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Isha Price are Lyndrea Price’s sisters.

Lynda is pictured with her sisters in the photo above, which is captioned as

Facts of Lyndrea Price

Full Name Lyndrea Price
First Name Lyndrea
Last Name Price
Profession celebrity stepsister
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Yusef Rasheed
Mother Name Oracene Price
Mother Profession tennis coach and a nurse
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Dating
Relation With Vernon Imani
Networth 150000
Siblings Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Isha Price, and Yetunde Price
Networth $150 k

Lyndrea’s relationship with Vernon Imani

Vernon Imani and Lyndrea are in a relationship. He works for American Campus Communities as a community assistant.

At a get-together with their pals, the devoted couple met for the first time.

The couple has been dating for quite some time but has yet to be married.

Lyndrea may be seen with her other half Vernon in the photo above, which she posted with the caption

Her parents Love-Life

From 1972 to 1979, Oracene was married to Yusef Rasheed, who died in 1979.

Richard Williams, with whom she later married in 1980, was her second husband.

Richard is a tennis coach, and both his daughters, Serena and Venus, have been instructed by him.

After 22 years together, the couple divorced in 2002 due to irreconcilable disagreements.

Richard married for the second time, much like Oracene.

From 1965 to 1973, he was married to Betty Johnson, with whom he had five children.

Lyndrea’s Sister Yetunde Killed in a shooting

Yetunde, Lyndrea’s sister, was killed in a shooting.

Yetunde Price was Lyndrea’s older sister. She was a registered nurse and past proprietor of a beauty business.

Her sisters Venus and Serena Williams both had her as a personal assistant.

In September 2003, she was shot in a hate crime and died in the hospital.

Yetunde was conversing with her partner in her SUV, which was parked outside a trap house, when the tragedy occurred.

Because they were defending the crack house from gangland rivals, the two men guarding the residence opened fire on the SUV.

Her boyfriend was originally unaware that she had been assaulted.

He drives quickly to a relative’s house, where he calls for help.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, she was pronounced dead.

Robert Edward Maxfield was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in jail, however, due to his “good behavior,” he was freed in 2018 after 12 years.

Yetunde Price and Serena Williams, Lyndrea Price’s elder sisters.

Lyndrea used to hide under the bed to skip picking up the balls for her sisters

Lyndrea admitted to hiding under the bed to avoid picking up the balls for her sisters Serena and Venus during an exclusive first interview on “Red Table Talk” with her mother Oracene and sisters presented by Will Smith.

According to Isha, their father Richard’s never-ending desire to never give up and never stop following the idea, and the fact that there had to be an execution aspect to it, the entire family worked together to make it happen.

Lyndrea and her sisters used to play tennis together when they were younger, but it eventually became a competition between them.

Lyndrea was out there scooping up the balls for Serena and Venus with her late sister Yetunde and Isha, and Lyndrea would occasionally skip a day or two.

Lyndrea was five years old at the time and didn’t want to go out in the rain because their father insisted on going out six days a week, rain or shine, to chase the dream.

She could fit beneath the bed because she was just five years old. They also discussed the reason for their strong friendship now, which is because they have known each other since the beginning and have never had any doubts.

“This is going to happen,” they always said, never “Are they going to make it?” They admitted to being one other’s most ardent fans.

One of the executive producers of the movie “King Richard.”

During her time on set for the film, she never missed a day.

Lyndrea worked in the wardrobe department, and her sister Isha assisted with everything from selecting the director to ensuring that every detail of their family life was taken care of.

The most difficult part of the King Richard process, they say, was sharing their late sister Tunde’s recollections. Serena claimed that every time Tunde’s character appeared on the screen, she cried.

Net Worth 2022/2023

Lyndrea’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $150 thousand dollars.

She is a web designer and currently works for Letzchat, a translation website plugin, as a creative executive.

She also worked with chief executive officer Jordan Orlick and lead software engineer Florian J. Klein.

According to PayScale, a web designer’s average compensation in the United States is $49,649.’

Name Net Worth
Serena Williams $200 Million
MariaSharapova $195 Million
Simona Halep $145 Million
Venus William $95 Million
Naomi Osaka $25 Million


  1. Lyndrea is born in 1978, which makes her age 42 as of 2020.

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