Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Hal Auden Cumberbatch – Benedict Cumberbatch’s Son With Wife Sophie Hunter!

Benedict Cumberbatch, a multi-award-winning British actor, is best known for his roles as Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as the title character in BBC’s Sherlock Holmes.

The Oscar contender made his name as the super detective Sherlock Holmes, but he was always regarded as a great actor. Doctor Strange of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has found happiness in his personal life as well as in his performing career. On Valentine’s Day of 2015, he married Sophie Hunter, an equally amazing actor-turned-opera-director, and the pair had two adorable kids, Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch and Hal Auden Cumberbatch. There have also been speculations about a third Cumberbatch child, but today we’ll focus on Benedict Cumberbatch’s son, Hal Auden Cumberbatch, and his location.

Hal Auden is the Second Born of Benedict Cumberbatch

Hal Auden Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch’s kid, was born on March 3rd, 2017, only a few years after his older brother. The Cumberbatch family’s secondborn is named after a Shakespearean character and an American poet.

Only a few weeks before Hal’s birth, his father Benedict appeared on The Kelly & Ryan Show to talk about the family’s upcoming addition. However, because the actor is naturally reserved, his responses were brief and private.

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Hal Auden Cumberbatch
Source: Christopher Carlton “Kit” & Hal Auden & Finn

Hal’s father, a multiple-time BAFTA winner, said in a separate interview, “I’m now a father of two and a spouse, just in the perfect order.”  I’m thinking of getting a Cumber-batch of lads!”

After the birth of his second child, MCU’s favorite doctor also feels more responsibility as a father. Hal’s parents, one of Britain’s power couples, have taken extreme steps in disclosing as little personal information as possible. Because both Hal’s mother and father are accomplished in their industries, it is up to the now 4-year-old to choose which job route he will pursue in the future. 

Young Hal can get all the advice he needs, whether he wants to be a leading man on the big screen like the Sherlock actor or behind-the-scenes directing like his mother. Whatever his parents’ names are, Benedict Cumberbatch’s son, Hal, must decide whether or not to follow in his parent’s footsteps.

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Kit, Hal’s older brother

 The first Hunter-Cumberbatch child, Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, fondly known as “Kit,” was born on June 1, 2015, shortly after the couple married. 

Cumberbatch’s middle name, Carlton, has been passed down the generations, so it was only natural for Hal’s brother, the eldest, to inherit it. Regardless of his parents’ identities, the current five-year-old is having a typical upbringing like any other child.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s Name Is Inspired By Shakespeare

 Although Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter are quiet around their children, they are not afraid to show their affection for literature. 

Benedict Cumberbatch wife
Source: Entertainment Tonight

They are heavily influenced by classical literature, as they come from a theater background. So much so that Hal’s gifted parents called him after Hanry V’s moniker in William Shakespeare’s play of the same name. 

Auden, on the other hand, is the name of a well-known poet, W.H. Auden. Despite their unique names, Benedict Cumberbatch’s boys, dubbed “cumberbaby” by admirers, are largely unknown to the general public.

The Policy on Families

Cumberbatch, who voiced Shere Khan and The Grinch in 2018, may be known for his countless performances on the big screen, but he is a very private person. His wife Sophie Hunter, who shares his personality, has put the MCU star at comfortable in her personal life.

Given that the pair announced their engagement in a British broadsheet section, it’s clear that they don’t want much attention paid to their personal lives. Because Hal’s parents prefer to keep things low-key, he and his brother have had a relatively stress-free childhood. 

Due to the fact that a celebrity’s famous power might have a negative impact on their child’s upbringing, the Sherlock star and his wife have taken the necessary precautions to be discreet. They are also not socially active, as they are not on any of the major social media platforms. 

The fact that they kept things to themselves has allowed them to bond more and flourish as a family, according to London’s famous private detective.

There’s A Chance Hal Has A Younger Sibling

Hal Cumberbatch and his older brother Kit may or may not have previously had a baby sibling. Despite the director of the experimental play The Terrific Electric revealing a baby bump and an overgrown tummy on a red carpet in September of 2020, the pair hasn’t revealed any details.

Hal’s accomplished parents are rarely seen in public and maintain a low profile. Their red carpet appearance, on the other hand, glazed the eyes of their followers, making it clear that a new cumber-baby is on the way. As a husband and father, the Sherlock star has prioritized the safety of his wife and children. 

When it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch’s boys Hal and Kit, who are still little at the moment, they will have to pick whether they want to be in front of the camera or follow in their father’s footsteps as they grow older. It’s always inspiring to witness great celebrities living life to the fullest as a result of their dedication and contributions to the profession. 

Despite keeping things secret, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter can be seen enjoying meaningful family time, putting Hollywood aside to give Hal and his other siblings space to grow up.

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