Here’s All You Need To Know About Gong Li And Ooi Hoe Soeng’s Son Mamoru Yoki Chung Li!

Gong Li‘s son, Mamoru Yoki Chung Li, was born in Singapore with her former husband Ooi Hoe Soeng. Gong and Ooi, Mamoru Toki Chung Li‘s parents, married in the China Club in Hong Kong in November of 1996.

However, things did not go well for the former couple, and after 14 years of marriage, they split peacefully. On the 28th of June 2010, Gong Li’s representative announced the divorce.

Gong Li, Mamoru’s mother, is a Chinese-born Singaporean actress who has appeared in several films, including The Story of Qiu Ju. She had previously been crowned China’s most beautiful woman in 2006. Mamoru’s father, Ooi Hoe, is a tobacco billionaire from Singapore.

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li keeps a low profile

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Gong Li, the son of a well-known international actress, does not appear to appreciate being in the spotlight. Mamoru lives a low-key existence and keeps his personal life to himself. The media has yet to learn anything about his birthday, love life, lifestyle, career, or relationship.

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li Wedding
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Despite this, a photo of Mamoru with his mother appeared in the media. The mother and son appeared to be a match made in heaven. At the time, the 53-year-old Gong appeared to be his son’s older sister.

Gong Li’s son appears to be rather private when it comes to discussing his personal life. He also doesn’t have any social media accounts. Mamoru, on the other hand, may release some of his information to the media in the coming days.

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Mamoru Yoki Chung Li is a Japanese name with a Chinese meaning

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li, Gong Li’s son, has a very long name. So, let’s dissect it to find out what it means.

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li Husband
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Mamoru is a Japanese male given a name that means “to defend or protect.” Yoki, on the other hand, is a Native American name that means “rain” and was given to him as a birth name. In addition, Chung is a Chinese given name that means “intelligent person.”

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