Steve Harvey: Wife, Married Life, & Relationship With Kids

For a very long period, Steve Harvey struggled both personally and professionally. Despite his failures as a spouse and a father, the comic persisted. However, after Steve married his third wife, things started to look good for him.

Who, however, was Steve Harvey spouse before his third union? Today, let’s examine the TV personality’s personal life in detail and learn everything there is to know about his ex-wives, divorce proceedings, kids and stepkids, and more!

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey’s first union

In 1980, Steve got married for the first time to Marcia Harvey. Steve was a common guy back then. He worked as a boxer, autoworker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and mailman to make ends meet.

Despite everything, Marcia was a wonderful wife. When he was at his lowest, she was there for him and stuck by him. Soon after, the couple had their first child.

With his first wife, Steve has three children.

When their children were born, their already-happy marriage got even better. Initially, Steve and Marcia welcomed twin daughters Brandi and Karli, who were born on August 20, 1982.

Marcia then gave birth to their third child, Broderick Harvey Jr., a few years later. Their happy family was now complete, but calamity struck shortly after.

Steve and Marcia divorced, why and when?

Steve and Marcia divorced officially in 1994, but their relationship had been tense for a while before that. After the birth of his two daughters in the middle of the 1980s, Steve left his family behind to advance his career. He made a choice that for many years strained his bond with his twins.

When asked about his predicament, Steve replied, “I’m married and have twins [Brandi and Karli, who are now 33]. Although I should be providing for them, I had to take this chance.

After Steve’s first stand-up performance, when he earned $50, he decided to climb the corporate ladder. He left his position as an insurance salesperson the same day. Marcia was not pleased with his decision to resign.

His marriage was permanently damaged as a result. After Broderick Jr. entered the picture, things seemed to improve in some way. Nevertheless, their union came to an end.

Steve wed Mary Lee Harvey, his second wife. In 1996

Steve had finally found himself in the entertainment industry after years of struggle. He was hired to host the renowned program It’s Showtime at the Apollo. Additionally, in 1994, he was able to land a part in the ABC series Me and the Boys because of his experience in stand-up comedy.

Mary Lee Harvey, the spouse of Steve Harvey. In addition, he found love again two years after his divorce from Marcia. He fell in love with Mary Lee Harvey (née Shackelford), and on June 21, 1996, they got married.

Steve and Mary had a son.

Wynton Harvey, the couple’s first and only child, was born on July 18, 1997. The presenter of the Steve Harvey Show had already gone through motherhood once. While Mary experienced it for the first time.

Mary once remarked that Wynton nearly passed away at the time of his delivery. Nevertheless, he persisted and survived to see the following day.

Before deciding to part ways, Steve and Mary’s situation was going very well.

Mary accused Steve of adultery, resulting in a bitter divorce

Mary and Steve got divorced after living together for almost nine years. In November 2005, their divorce was legally formalized. When it came to the terms of their divorce, Mary received three of Steve’s homes, $40,000 a month up until 2009, and $1.9 million after that. It’s safe to say that she filled her pockets.

When Mary reappeared in 2011, she claimed that her divorce from Steve had left her economically penniless. She also claimed that he had an extramarital affair with Marjorie, his current wife. She further said that in addition to Marjorie, Steve had other mistresses.

Mary claims that during their marriage, she once answered Marjorie’s phone and discovered a letter from a lady named Terry. At the time, Mary’s allegation that she was destitute was rejected by Collin County, Texas District Court Judge Robert Dry.

That didn’t stop Mary from assigning blame, though. She resurfaced in 2017 and demanded half of the earnings Steve had after divorcing her in 2005. She insisted that because she had supported him when he was in need, she deserved all of his success-related income.

She also disclosed that Steve stole all of her money and turned her son against her. She was shown to be an unfit mother throughout the custody dispute, therefore Steve was granted custody.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods, Steve’s third wife, and he are happily married.

Everyone, it is often claimed, learns from their mistakes, and in Steve’s case, nothing could have been further from the truth. After two failed marriages, the 63-year-old is now enjoying a happy marriage.

On June 25, 2007, he was married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Even though he was carrying the weight of two failures, Steve made no reservations about proposing to Marjorie.

He claims that she is the one person in the entire world who has improved him as a person and changed his life. If your partner thinks that about you, then get married to him.

In addition, the couple met for the first time in 1990. Marjorie was present when Steve was performing at a nightclub. Steve glanced at her before declaring, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m getting married to you.”

He did wed this girl, as fate would have it.

Marjorie’s Ex-Husbands Number Three

Marjorie in this situation has a prior marriage, exactly like her husband Steve. The fascinating part is not there; she walked down the aisle with two infamous drug lords.

Initially, she was wed to Jim L. Townsend. She later exchanged vows with Donnell Woods, the other half of the notorious Woods brothers, after he was given a prison term. She also had a relationship with Donnell’s brother Ronnie Woods, but they became close after he was imprisoned.

She has three children with her former spouses: Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey.

Marjorie and Steve are the proud parents of seven children.

Steve added all three of Marj’s children through adoption after they were divorced, bringing his total number of children to seven. But in contrast to normal step-father relationships, Steve is a devoted father to both his children and his stepchildren.

Steve and Marjorie have a total of seven children as well as five grandchildren.

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