Desus Nice Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Desus Nice is best known as the host of Viceland’s Desus & Mero show. He co-hosts the show with Joel Martinez aka The Kid Mero, a comedian. Desus and Joel’s podcast, Bodega Boys, has also been one of the duo’s most popular programs since its inception in 2015.

Desus joined Joel in the entertainment industry in 2013. The two met on Twitter and were immediately impressed by each other’s communication abilities and word flow.

It was then that the two decided to test their abilities in the world of show business. As a result, the two made their television debut in December 2013 with the show Desus vs. Mero on Complex TV.

Desus and Mero are still going strong in the world of comedy. They have worked on shows such as Guy Code, Joking Off, Neo Yokio, and, most notably, Desus & Mero.

Desus must have amassed a massive net worth as a result of his success in the field of comedy alongside Joel. They are both young and far more successful than most people their age.

As a result, there is no doubt that Desus and Joel will soon increase the value of their net worth through their hard work.

Apart from his role as a comedian, Desus is frequently seen making headlines due to gay news about him. His work with his partner frequently raises the question of whether the two are gay, despite the fact that they have been working together in show business for many years.

Desus has also been a vocal opponent of unusual interpretations of gay people. He has spoken out against beliefs about gays and prisoners, as well as gays and blacks.

Relationship Status: Single?

Desus has never been open about his marital status. He keeps mentioning the word “girlfriend” in his comedy acts, but he hasn’t revealed much about his own girlfriend. Desus keeps mentioning a girlfriend in his Twitter posts, but only in broad strokes.

Desus revealed in March 2012 that his girlfriend had called him a horrible person, and the worst part was that he would have to hear the same from his wife.

Desus revealed on Twitter in September 2017 that Drake’s album inspired him to look up to his first-grade girlfriend and ask why things didn’t work out. These posts were, predictably, the result of Desus’s inner comedian.

Nonetheless, it is most likely the same comedian inside Desus who has kept his real-life affairs hidden from his fans. When it comes to his wife or girlfriend, he always incorporates it into his comedy.

Desus once posted a picture with a lady in 2016 and referred to her as bae. He never revealed anything about her to his fans, but rumors circulated that she was his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, there were no follow-up stories confirming the couple’s relationship.

As a result, in contrast to his career candor, Desus has always kept his personal life private. The only thing his fans can do is wish him the best life partner possible.

Desus has been brightening people’s lives with his wit; hopefully, he finds the best woman to marry and settle his life with.

Desus: Parents and Sister

Desus Nice, an American comedian born on May 18, 1983, is 36 years old. He was born in the Bronx, New York, to non-American parents. Desus’ parents are Jamaican natives.

Desus’ true ethnicity is unknown, despite the fact that he is of black Jamaican descent.

Desus was raised by his parents and three siblings. Desus was the third of his parents’ four children, as evidenced by his social media presence.

Desus has close relationships with both of his sisters, as evidenced by his social media posts.

Desus also refers to one of his sisters as his twin because the two are strikingly similar. Hopefully, Desus’ bond with his sisters will last a lifetime.

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