What’s Going On With David Eason and Ex Olivia Leedham? Eason Is Headed Back To Court For Kaden!

When David Eason recently uploaded a photo of his son, Kaden David Eason, on Instagram, he stunned his followers. The majority of his fans were taken aback when they saw his young son on his social media page. “Wait… I’m perplexed. Is there a third boy? “one of the fans inquired.

Another of his followers inquired about the little boy’s well-being. “His mother was a very abusive alcoholic, therefore I am always scared for his safety,” Eason wrote in response to the fan’s comment.

If you didn’t know, Eason shares Kaden with Olivia Leedham, his ex-girlfriend. “Do you have any way of getting in touch with him?” Another fan inquired, “Are you attempting it again?”

In response, Eason went on to say that he had tried unsuccessfully to contact his son. He also stated that now that the lawsuit has been dropped, he will bring Kaden’s custody back to court.

David Eason Has Accused His Ex-Wife

Eason has a lengthy history of accusing his wives of having alcohol problems. He accused his reality star wife, Jenelle Evans, of being “an alcoholic” just days before calling Leedham out.

Evans defended her drinking habits in a TikTok video in reaction to his charges. “She said,” she explained.

I’m 29 years old and have the ability to consume alcoholic beverages. If I want to switch from beer to wine, I’ll do so. I don’t drink because I don’t have a drinking issue.

That is why I am unconcerned. So I’m not sure what you’re getting at when you keep bringing [my drinking] up. I also don’t care two [expletive]s.

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She denied any rumors that she had an alcohol problem in a 2020 interview, saying that she only drinks “one or two beers a week or something.”

“A lil swamp sauce harmed nobody!” she said in a TikTok video of the former Teen Mom star drinking a canned alcoholic drink. When Eason was accused of killing Evans’ 11-pound French bulldog, Nugget, in 2019, the couple sparked outrage.

Eason was said to have beaten Nugget before shooting him with a shotgun at close range. They then admitted that they made up the narrative to “rebuild [Evan’s] reputation and sell cosmetics.”

David Eason’s Son Kaden’s Custodies

Kaden’s custody fight began in 2014 after Eason and Leedham’s marriage fell apart. After stating that Eason had perpetrated acts of domestic abuse against her, she sought exclusive custody of Kaden.

When Leedham was eight months pregnant, Eason pushed her and then left her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant.

It wasn’t long before he was told he couldn’t have any contact with her or his kid, Kaden. In March 2016, Eason was arrested for breaking the restraining order by approaching Kaden in a grocery store.

David Eason Son Kaden
Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Leedham alleged in the paperwork filed at the time that “[Eason] is demonstrating unpredictable and worrying behavior.” However, Leedham finally consented to follow the custody ruling and enable Kaden to see his father a month later.

Back To Court Once Again

When Eason was accused of physical abuse by Evans in October 2018, the physical visitation allowance with Kaden came to a stop.

The Teen Mom 2 star, on the other hand, eventually described the incident as a “big misunderstanding.”

As a result, Leedham went back to court and had Eason prohibited from seeing his kid for the second time. Since then, Eason has avoided actual visitation, but his recent tweet about his son has re-captured the attention of his fans.

Leedham has been deafeningly quiet about his new job. Furthermore, his claims that she is an alcoholic have generated severe concerns about what would happen next.

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