Dave Marciano Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Captain Dave Marciano, best known as a fisherman, was born in Ipswich on December 5, 1965. He did, however, grow up in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Dave had an interest in fishing from a young age and was the first person in his family to show it. His first fishing trip, however, did not go well as he became entangled with the fish through his ankle and was rushed to the hospital.

Despite the bitter memory, Dave went fishing on a regular basis after moving to Beverly with his parents. Dave built his first boat, Yankee Fleet, while attending Gloucester High School.

Later, he worked at the fleet and gained new skills. Dave’s efforts were rewarded when he received his captain’s license and purchased a boat for himself.

Career and Salary

Dave began his television career as a reality star for the show Wicked Tuna in 2012, after working for years as a professional captain and fisherman like Keith Colburn.

The show also stars Mike Rowe, Dave Carraro, and Sandro Maniaci. Dave currently owns the FV Hard Merchandise, which is frequently featured in his show Wicked Tuna.

Dave’s performance on the show helped him gain widespread media attention. Not only is the 53-year-old famous, but he also has a sizable net worth. Though Dave’s net worth has not been disclosed, according to his bio, he earns an average salary of $60,000.

His journey in the show, however, has not always been joyful, as he was arrested in 2015. He had pulled a woman’s hair and attempted to play with her.

Dave Marciano: Wife and Daughters

When it comes to Dave’s love life, the captain enjoys it just as much as his profession.

He is married to Nancy, his longtime lover. His wife, like Dave, enjoys fishing. She learned the skill from her father and brother and has a track record of catching striper fish.

On July 8, 1990, after dating for some time, the couple exchanged wedding vows as husband and wife. Following that, the couple was blessed with three beautiful children: two daughters, Angelica and Eva Rose, and a son, Joseph.

His children are now quite mature, with Angelica in college, Joseph in high school, and Eva Rose in elementary school. Dave’s children are also very interested in fishing, having been inspired by their parents. Joe, his son, is the captain and handles all of the FV Hard Merchandise on his own.

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