Colin Cowie Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Colin Cowie is an African-born American lifestyle guru best known for his work on Jail Caesar, Race to the Altar, and Everyday Elegance with Colin Cowie.

Because of his bright personality and stylish sensibility, he has made his way into the glamorous world of extravagant party planning for royalty, celebrities, and business. Colin has accelerated his career and has inspired the public with his undeniable triumph.

He has been at the forefront of event and wedding planning for the past 25 years.

Bio and Net Worth

Colin Cowie, nicknamed Coco, was born on January 3, 1962 in Kitwe, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (now Zambia). However, details about his parents and family history remain a mystery for the time being.

Colin received his education in South Africa, according to his education. In order to further his career, he relocated from Africa to the United States in 1985.

By 1992, he had established his career and created his own brand, Colin Cowie. He has also appeared on the Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, and Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Colin advanced his career by hosting the daily wedding planning show Get Married on Lifetime TV. On the show, he shared his knowledge of fashion, decoration, and other wedding-related topics with the bride-to-be.

Colin had been quoted in a variety of publications by 2019, including The New York Times, People, Architectural Digest, InStyle, Town & Country, US Weekly, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, TV Guide, and the Chicago Daily Herald.

Colin has a net worth of $4 million as a result of his career. However, he may add another large chunk to his net worth in 2019 when his condo at 12 E. 12th St. goes on the market for $12.49 million.

Relationship Status: Single?

Meeting a soulmate and deciding to marry is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

Promising someone to be your wife or husband until death separates you is an extraordinary emotion. Almost everyone in the world fantasizes about having a lavish wedding with their partner.

Similarly, Colin, who has made a name for himself in the event planning world, may be preoccupied with his own wedding. He is about to marry his gay boyfriend, Danny Peuscovich, and their marriage will be spectacular.

Colin and Danny have been best friends for six years, but it took them a long time to turn their friendship into a romantic one. However, the long wait paid off with a tasty reward at the end.

Colin, being a romantic, proposed to Danny while they were staying at Kubili House in South Africa. Their fans and followers are currently anticipating their grand wedding.

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