Chef Emeril Lagasse’s children also have a passion for cooking!

Emeril Lagasse, a restaurateur and chef, has had considerable success in the culinary world, and his children appear to have inherited his enthusiasm for food as well as his cooking ability.

Emeril Lagasse has developed a culinary empire as the chef-owner of 11 restaurants and the author of 19 cookbooks.

He has received accolades such as GQ Magazine’s “Chef of the Year” and New Orleans City Business’s “Restaurateur of the Year,” and is well-known for his culinary skills.

Apart from his achievements as a chef, the food personality is an inspiration to his four children, who have all pursued careers in the culinary arts.

Sharing the Passion

It has some advantages to be the children of a celebrity chef. From an early age, all of Lagasse’s children have worked in the kitchen with him.

This experience has shaped their professions as they build their routes in the culinary world, in addition to their innate talent for cooking. It’s almost as if a talent for the culinary arts runs in the family. Jullian Lagasse and Jessi Lagasse Swanson are the chef’s two eldest daughters from his first marriage to Elizabeth Kief.

Emeril Lagasse Family
Source: VIE Magazine

He is currently married to Alden Lovelace, his third wife, and they have two children, Emeril J Lagasse IV (EJ) and Meril Lovelace Lagasse. Jullian and Jessie, his daughters, have begun their careers as authors of gluten-free cookbooks, while EJ, his son, has followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the culinary world as a chef.

Emeril Vs. His Son

The Lagasse team faced a 5-ingredient cooking challenge while appearing as guests on Rachael Ray’s show, where they both had to produce different dishes with the same ingredients. Rachael Ray complimented EJ on his first year working as a professional chef in his father’s restaurant while the father-son duo prepared their dishes.

When questioned about his culinary technique, EJ stated he enjoys putting his own take on classic recipes. EJ’s cooking style, according to his father, is influenced by French cuisine.

The duo appeared to have a solid friendship as well as a healthy competitive streak, which was entertaining to watch, and the dishes they served looked delicious. EJ has been assisting his father in the kitchen for a number of events, including the Cayman Islands culinary festival. He’s also working on a professional degree from Johnson & Wales University, and he’s looking forward to starting culinary school in the fall of 2020.

The young chef went on to say that he was excited to learn new skills and that he hoped to contribute to the development of a new generation of chefs.

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