Like Every Dad, Jonathan Majors wants what is best for his child!

Jonathan Majors, the breakout star of HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country,’ wants the greatest education for his seven-year-old daughter. He believes it is his duty to protect her innocence and inventiveness.

Jonathan Majors, the breakout star of the HBO series Lovecraft Country, keeps his personal life under wraps. He is, nevertheless, a devoted father who only wants the best for his daughter.

Jonathan Has Described The Education That His Child Deserves

Majors has frequently mentioned his daughter in interviews, but he has never revealed her name. He, like any other father, wants to keep her innocence and imagination safe.

As a father, my job is to protect, and keep things away from interfering with her imagination because that’s her voice. That’s gifted to her. I can teach her how to behave, I can’t teach her how to think or create. That’s something that comes from something far greater than her father. My job is to fight these shoggoths [monsters] that are trying to get to my baby’s imagination, and let her grow and stay free. 

He goes on to say that he wants his daughter to have the greatest education possible, one that is not limited to the traditional system of teaching “Black History” in February every year, as is the case in most American schools.

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His mixed-race daughter is seven years old, and instead of thinking of history as “Black History,” he wants her to comprehend it as “American History.”

Majors claims that the teaching is now confined to a few pages in a children’s book including notable figures like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King. The actor believes that educating the present generation about Black History is insufficient.

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Jonathan Majors is A Family Man

Majors appears to be a loving father. His kid’s mother recently phoned him to calm their daughter, who was upset over her hair. He stated to her calmly:

You have a crown. That’s why your hair goes up. Your hair, your crown, came from daddy, came from his mama, came from his father, came from his sister. Sometimes that crown can get you in trouble in this world, and it’s not right. And some people want to take that crown from you. 

As a father, the 31-year-old actor wishes to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. As a result, he flew to Atlanta for ten days to be with her during the lockdown. He spent the rest of his time in New Mexico with his dogs, getting plenty of exercise and reading.

The actor may be a father, but he doesn’t appear to be a husband, as he has never addressed his daughter’s mother as his wife and has had no other relationships. His daughter’s mother’s identity is a well guarded secret.

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