Chris Distefano’s Marriage Going Strong with Wife Jazzy And They’re Expecting Baby in 2021

Chris Distefano

As they prepare for the arrival of their new kid in 2021, get to know Chris Distefano and his wife Jazzy Distefano‘s personal lives. The subject of his ex-girlfriend, daughter, and LGBT news is discussed. Chris Distefano is an American comedian who rose to prominence as a result of his appearances on reality series like … Read more

Did Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes Marry His Girlfriend? Updates on His Love Life

Tyler Hynes

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CNN’s Laura Coates’ Married Life With Husband Is Going Very Well- Detailed Bio, Marriage, Net Worth, and more

Laura Coates

During their honeymoon, Laura Coates and her husband boarded the “Eurorail train.” It’s not unusual for celebrities to keep a low profile. To avoid media scrutiny, many celebrities keep their personal lives hidden from the public eye. Laura Coates, on the other hand, appears to be the master of all those celebs. Despite the fact … Read more

Yassuo and His Ex-Girlfriend Bella’s Break-Up Drama Still Going On Despite Splitting on Mutual Terms


Yassuo, a full-time Twitch streamer, has disclosed that he is no longer with his girlfriend Bella after a mutual breakup. Yassuo, a full-time Twitch streamer, announced in October 2020 that he was no longer with his partner Bella. The couple split up after what appeared to be a flawless relationship, but they chose to keep … Read more

Gabriel Iglesias loves his adopted son Frankie even after splitting from son’s biological mother

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias has broken up with Claudia Valdez, his long-term girlfriend with whom he has a kid, Frankie Iglesias. He does, however, have a good relationship with his son. Despite his breakup from his kid’s biological mother, Claudia Valdez, American comedian Gabriel Iglesias talks about his adoptive son Frankie Iglesias in his comedy sketches. The … Read more

Is David Muir Married? His Bio, Gay Rumors, Parents, Net Worth, and Salary details

David Muir

Who is David Muir? David Muir is a well-known face on ABC News, with a reputation that encapsulates his exceptional abilities and endearing demeanor. David Muir is the lead anchor of World News Tonight, co-anchors ABC News magazine 20/20, and works in the ABC broadcast television network’s news department in New York City. His business … Read more

Joe Namath’s Daughter Returns The Namath Family Back In Controversial Subjects

Joe Namath

Between 1984 and 2000, Joe Namath married Deborah ‘Tatiana’ Mays. Olivia and Jessica were the couple’s two daughters. Namath’s alcoholism sadly controlled their marriage. Joe’s personal life has been filled with scandals and turmoil. Olivia Namath was jailed on drug charges in 2010, three years after giving birth to her first child at 16, and … Read more

Brittanya Razavi’s Husband and Children Supported Her Through Ups and Downs!

Brittanya Razavi

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Dana Perino Among the Richest Fox News Women With Huge Salary & Net Worth

Dana Perino

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