Carolyn Gusoff Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Carolyn Gusoff works as an on-air reporter for WCBS-TV in New York City, covering the Long Island beat.

She previously worked as a reporter for FOX 5 in New York City for three years and as the Long Island Bureau Chief/reporter and anchor for WNBC in New York City for fifteen years.

Furthermore, Carolyn is quite successful in her professional life, which has piqued people’s interest in whether she is equally successful in her personal life.

Carolyn Gusoff Earnings at CBS

Carolyn Gusoff began her career after graduation at WLEQ-FM and WEVU-TV, both of which were ABC affiliates at the time.

She then worked at News 12 Long Island before joining WNBC, an NBC-owned and operated New York City station.

Carolyn covered the crashes of American Airlines Flight 587, the Blizzard of 1996, and TWA Flight 800 during her time at NBC 4. She also worked for CBS 2 for three years, beginning in 2012.

Carolyn has worked in the field for over three decades.

Some of her most memorable stories include the 9-11 terror attacks, the NYC blackout, the NYC transit strike, and the Long Island Railroad massacre, Hurricane Sandy, the tragic July 4th Oyster Bay boat capsizing, and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Carolyn has also contributed to the New York Times and Newsday, as well as being a regular opinion page contributor and internet blogger.

Nonetheless, her contribution has paid off handsomely, as she has received numerous prestigious honors, including three New York Emmy Awards, fifteen New York Emmy nominations, and many more.

Carolyn is still with CBS in 2019, and she has not only made her profession a success, but she has also earned a good living from it.

Carolyn undoubtedly earns more than the $61K average salary for a CBS News reporter.

Relationship Status: Single?

Carolyn has a happy marriage to Dr. Jon Branden Turk, a senior resident in neck surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital. She met her husband on a blind date in Manhattan.

Her husband was an intern at Mount Sinai when they first met. They made a plan during the date, but Carolyn hesitated and made numerous excuses for her sister’s pregnancy and appendicitis.

However, she was unable to avoid him and eventually began dating. In September 1991, the couple exchanged wedding vows.

Carolyn and Jon now have two adorable children, Graham Turk and Amanda Turk. Carolyn has successfully balanced her professional and personal lives despite her hectic schedule.

Biography and Wiki

Carolyn was born on February 15, 1963, in Woodmere, Long Island, to Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Gusoff. Her father, a dentist in Lawrence, Long Island, is also well-known.

Carolyn, who is of average height, earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

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