Carla Facciolo Bio, Age Net Worth, Husband Fraud Sparks Divorce?

Carla, the mobster’s daughter, married another mobster… Carla Facciolo was trying to get away from the mob when she first married…was convicted of a stock fraud and had to serve…divorced from her husband and was once thought to be dating a…while her husband was in prison, Carla reared her…

The more you try to get away from your fate, the more it comes back to bite you. Carla Facciolo, an American reality star and mob wife, attempted to flee her crime family with the help of a husband, but fate transformed her spouse into a criminal.

Crime Wives, a VH1 reality show about women in mob families and their daily difficulties, made the New York City native famous.

Early Life

Carla was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 14, 1967, to a mobster father, Louis Facciolo, who worked for the Gambino Crime Family.

Her uncle, Bruno Ficciolo, was a gangster who worked for the Lucchese Crime Family, in addition to her father. Bruno was murdered by corrupt NYPD cops working for the mob after being suspected of being an informant.

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Career And Net Worth

Carla rose to stardom as the star of Crime Wives, a VH1 reality show about women in mob families. Along with Renee Graziano and Drita D’Avanzo, she was one of the show’s initial cast members.

Carla has amassed a net worth of $ 1.5 million as a result of the show and the money worth she inherited from her spouse.

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Trying To Escape From Mob Life, Carla Went On To Marry Mobster Husband

Carla Ferragamo, the mobster’s daughter, married another mobster, Joey Ferragamo. Carla was hoping to get away from the mob when she initially married Joe, who worked as a stockbroker.

But then Joe was found guilty of stock fraud and sentenced to 88 months in jail; her spouse, who was supposed to be her savior, turned out to be a criminal in his own right.

Carla has subsequently divorced her husband and was previously linked to a Puerto Rican man. Since then, however, there has been no further information about her love life.

Love For Her Children Is Carla’s Escape From Crime

Carla Ferragamo has two children with Joey Ferragamo: twins Joseph and Carmen. Carla raised her children alone while her husband was in prison, and she came to support them like nobody else, as evidenced by her regular Instagram posts.

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Carmen and Joseph first featured on Mob Wives with their mother when they were quite little. Carla’s two children are now in high school and have grown into a lovely young man and a beautiful young woman, as well as being taller than their mother, who is a typical American woman’s height.

Her two children, and the love she has for them, are her ultimate escape from the crime she has always desired at the age of 51. Carla found in her children what she couldn’t find in her marriage.

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