Wife’s Baby Shower Saw Jamie Hector Survive a Dangerous Incident!

In real life, Jamie Hector has experienced violent occurrences. Jamie Hector’s portrayal of a drug lord on HBO’s The Wire has put him in dangerous circumstances. Unbeknownst to many, he has also experienced similar life-threatening situations.

Jamie Hector survived a near-fatal event at his wife Jennifer Amelia’s baby shower party while expecting his first kid.

The 2009 Incident

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Hector was throwing a baby shower party in New York in July 2009 to honor his wife’s pregnancy. A gatecrasher stepped outside their home and began fire, turning the gathering into a crime scene.

The frightening gunfight resulted in the death of a youngster on the spot, as well as the injuries of two men. Police arrived after a while and discovered two weapons and 46 empty round shot casings, but no arrests were made. Fortunately, the Brooklyn native and his family were unharmed.

Jamie issued a statement following the incident, expressing his sympathy to the victims’ families. He further stated that he had no involvement in the crime that occurred outside his residence.

Jamie Hector The Wire
Source: TV Insider

How did Jamie Hector get his scar?

On his left smile line, which goes up to his jawline, the Wire actor has a visible scar. He, on the other hand, prefers to keep the tale behind the scar on his face to himself.

Hector has stated that he uses his scar to create emotions while acting, but he prefers not to discuss it.

Father to Two Children

Jennifer Amelia, the social activist’s long-time girlfriend, is his wife. Amelia is the owner of Jennifer Amelia Events, LLC, which she founded as a wedding planner and event designer. Despite the fact that they are both celebrities, neither has announced when they married.

Jamie Hector Wife
Source: MarriedCeleb

Regardless, the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on August 22 every year. The Heroes actor took to Instagram on August 22, 2020, to wish his wife a happy birthday. They have two children together, a son and a daughter. Their daughter was born in 2009, and their boy was born in 2016.

The Hectors live in a house in Brooklyn.

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