Bhad Bhabie Is A Ink Lover But What Is Her Favorite Tattoo? Find Out Here!

In one of her YouTube videos, Bhad Bhabie, who has an outstanding collection of tattoos, confessed that her favorite is a tattoo on her arm.

Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie, is a young rapper with an astounding collection of tattoos.

The rapper got around 15 tattoos on her body, according to an Inked report from May 2019. However, it’s safe to infer that the number has grown over time, as the rapper enjoys having new tattoos every now and then.

Her Very First Ink

Steal Her Style said that her first tattoo was the “Loyalty” tattoo on her foot, which she got when she was 12 years old. She eventually covered the tattoo with flowers since it appeared sloppy and silly.

Bregoli, on the other hand, took the term to heart. So she had it tattooed on her right forearm once more, this time in a lovely script type with a butterfly next to it. Furthermore, the “Loyalty” tattoo was a nod to late rapper XXXTentacion, who had the phrase “Loyalty” tattooed on his chin.

Bhad Bhabie- Friend’s Tribute

Bregoli’s close friend and rapper XXXTentacion, aka Jahseh Onfroy, was assassinated on June 18, 2018, at the age of 20.

Bregoli acquired the “numb” tattoo on her right forearm after Onfroy’s death, which was a memorial to him because he had the same mark below his right eye. Her tattoo actually says “Nunb,” as the cursive letter “m” is supposed to have three arches, if you look closely. She did it on purpose, though, to make it look exactly like Onfroy’s tattoo.

Her All-Time Favorite Tattoo

The rapper flaunted some of her new tattoos in a video she shared on her YouTube channel on January 30, 2021. She disclosed less than a minute into the film that her favorite tattoo was of her face atop stacks of wealth, etched on her right inner bicep.

Bregoli Speaks Out Against Harassment of Women Bregoli produced an eight-minute video on her YouTube account in support of Hannah Archuleta, who filed a sexual harassment case against the juvenile residential facility Turn-About-Ranch.

The rapper, who was a participant in the program, also stated that the ranch denied the adolescents basic necessities such as a proper bed and/or good food.

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