Betsy Sodaro Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

The To Do List was undoubtedly a huge hit in 2013, thanks in part to Aubrey Plaza’s quirky persona—both off and on-screen. The minor characters must be given credit for the other aspects of success. Betsy Sodaro belongs to that group, having given an outstanding performance as Graduate 2.

On June 10, 1984, the talented actress was born. Betsy was raised in Leadville, Colorado, by her father, Craig Sodaro, and mother, Sue Sodaro. Aside from her parents, she is close to her three sisters, Katie, Sally, and Amy.

When it comes to her physical characteristics, Betsy is of average height and weight. Furthermore, she has all the body curves that make her look stunning.

Betsy Sodaro: Net Worth, Films and TV Shows

Betsy’s interest in movies and television shows did not develop simultaneously. Her father was a playwright, so she grew up doing theater, plays, and other things. Sometimes the entire family would act in the play scripts.

That’s how Betsy honed her previously unseen talent into something significant. By the time she graduated from high school, she was determined to pursue a career in movies and television shows. As a result, she received a master’s degree in communications and theater.

She later taught amateur actors and performed at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue the dream she had envisioned for herself.

Betsy showcased her incredible acting skills in many Los Angeles theaters and joined a few improv teams. Her talent and diligence have earned her a spot in a number of films and television shows. This Show Will Get You High (2010) and Disjoint are two of her notable TV shows (2017-2018). Betsy is currently working as a voice actor for OK K.O! Let Us Become Heroes (2018).

With such a stellar career trajectory, there is no doubt that Betsy has amassed a massive net worth. Although her exact net worth is still being determined, it is safe to assume that it is in the seven digits. Furthermore, it is well known that the average annual salary for an actor/actress is more than $60 thousand.

Relationship Status: Single?

Despite keeping her relationship a secret for so long, Betsy, 34, finally revealed something about her relationship in 2017. She revealed that she got engaged to one of her improv friends, Drew Tarver, after Drew asked Betsy’s hand in marriage in 2017. While the team was on tour in Japan, Drew proposed to Betsy.

Betsy announced her engagement to Drew by posting a photo of herself kissing her future husband in front of a Buddhist temple in Japan. Despite a year-long engagement, the couple has not yet married.

Probably, the couple has their own reasons for delaying their marriage. They might be waiting for the perfect moment to take their relationship to the next level. Given their real-life chemistry—and their on-screen chemistry in the 2016 TV show Mother Mary—it is clear that they will marry.

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