Best Quotes of Pat McAfee that inspire you to succeed

Patrick Justin McAfee is the full name of a well-known American sports analyst, podcaster, professional wrestler, and former punter named Patrick Justin McAfee. Pat McAfee, on the other hand, is his short name.

Pat McAfee is currently signed to WWE and works for the NXT brand. Pat was an All-Pro in 2014 after an 8-year career in the National Football League (NFL) that included two Pro Bowl appearances.

In addition, he retired from football in February 2017 and worked as a football and professional wrestling analyst. In late 2018, he was also a guest host on Fox Sports College and NFL broadcasts. In July 2019, he was announced as a member of ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football team. He signed his next contract in February 2019, but he had previously guested for EEW’s NXT TakeOver events in 2018.

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee ( Source: Pinterest)

Pat McAfee is a multi-talented individual who is also a stand-up comedian who performs at various events throughout Indiana. He now hosts his own daily podcast show.

Here is the collection of some of the best quotes from Pat McAfee that will inspire you to succeed.

“Some players have no idea how to handle life without structure. That’s why some players get into trouble during the offseason. This is literally the first time in our lives we’ve ever had free time without somebody telling us where to be and what to do.”

“For players you don’t hear about in the news, they enjoy the hell out of the offseason. They can travel and see things they never thought they’d see, or go back home to relax and see their kids and family that they haven’t had a chance to hang out with in a few months.”

“I think the game of football, from a commentating standpoint, is missing something. I think it should be a celebration, and I think it should be enjoyable, and I’m trying to make it that way.”― Pat McAfee

“Leesa has been a partner of mine since I left the NFL and started doing this Internet business. They’ve been a company that has supported everything that I have going on.”

“Honestly, it’s what the world’s all about and what life’s all about – fulfillment and making people’s lives better.”

“I’ve been blocking people and unfriending people for a long time, and it doesn’t take much if I feel like you’ve slighted me at all.”

“I love ‘The Impractical Jokers.’ I watch them all the time.”

“I feel like it’s my job to potentially make fun of people publicly, but I do it in a fun manner.”

“The AAF offered me a commentating spot for their league, and it was literally the day after I signed my deal with the WWE.”

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee ( Source: Pinterest)

“I think the XFL has a good chance. With the way sports gambling is coming to be and the people they have running that league, I think Vince does not want to fail again.”

“I’ll be a fan of the XFL, and if they want me to do something, then I’d love to… not to play. I’m not gonna play. I’m done with that, but everything else is fair game.”

“With the XFL, I think the engagement with the fans is something that could really help out.”

“I enjoy making people happy, and hopefully, people enjoy it and have a good time.”

“I’m gonna do a little radio, a little TV, and just create content in general and hopefully make the world a happier place.”

“I enjoy making plays for my teammates.”

“I have dreams and aspirations of taking a stroll down the ramp at a pay-per-view setting. Everybody has those dreams as a kid, and that’d be really cool.”

“Hopefully I can end up in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.”

“If I feel like you’ve disrespected me, you might as well just be dead to me.”

“I bought a wrestling ring in either my third or fourth year in the league. I had it built in my barn and didn’t use it much except for at parties when my friends’ kids would want to get in there.”

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