Ben Affleck | Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout and Diet Plan: Ben Affleck is a wonderful actor and a big guy; he’s ripped and has a gorgeous body. He’s currently playing Batman in all of the Justice League films as well as his own Batman series, and in order to stay up with the job of superhero, he has to train like one.

Ben Affleck follows a stringent training regimen that focuses on his core strength and lower body strength, which he clearly does. Which is just as crucial as Ben Affleck’s Batman suit, which he wears throughout the film. As a result, he must be able to support that weight and do all of the scenarios. So, let’s take a look at Ben Affleck’s Batman workout and diet plan.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Ben Height 6 ft 2.5 inch
Ben Weight 98 kg
Ben Age 47 years
Ben Affleck Chest 44 inch
Ben Affleck Waist 36 inch
Ben Affleck Biceps 17 inch

Workout Routine of Ben Affleck

Batman Workout by Ben Affleck In an interview with Ben Affleck’s trainer, he revealed a handful of the exercises that he had Ben Affleck undertake to prepare for his role as Batman. He explained that because he is a big guy, the exercise was designed so that his legs can withstand the weight of a heavy suit and his own body weight while performing fighting and other scenarios. Lower body, core, and a few martial arts exercises make up the workout.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout consists of the following exercises:

Front squats

Affleck, Ben Front squats are the first workout Batman does. It’s a fantastic exercise because it works both your core and your legs. He performs the front squat with a dumbbell, but you may also do it with an Olympic rod. He performs 4 sets of 12 reps with adequate recovery in between each session. When he stands up, he wants to explode, and when he squats, he attempts to move slowly.


The next exercise is solely for his core, which has already been engaged by the front squats. It’s now time to focus on bolstering the core. The deadlift is an excellent lower-back or core-strengthening exercise that provides both stability and strength. He performs four sets of eight reps. The goal is to squeeze your glutes as you ascend.

Drop Sets

This is one of Ben Affleck’s martial arts routines, and it necessitates flexibility and suppleness. The Drop sets are difficult to explain, but googling it and watching it on YouTube will suffice. All I can tell you is that you squat while stretching one leg and squatting on the other, and then switch legs. While doing so, twist your upper body by moving your alternate hand towards the wall. You should truly view it to grasp what I’m talking about. On each side, he does four sets of ten reps. Below is more information on Ben Affleck’s Batman exercise.

Squat to a kick

This is a terrific workout for building lower-body strength while also providing a combat element. On each side, he accomplishes roughly four sets of ten reps.

Lateral hollow rock

You should also see this one, as it is even more difficult to describe in words. The workout is excellent for the core, and Ben Affleck performs three sets of 30 seconds each. This exercise will put your entire core to the test.

Diet Plan of Ben Affleck

Now, the eating plan that Affleck used to obtain his Batman figure is still a secret, but we do know that it included a lot of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

The Batman Diet of Ben Affleck includes –

  • Chicken, turkey, and other types of seafood, along with salads and oats, are his favorite foods.
  • Before going to the gym, he also drinks plenty of water and consumes a protein shake.
  • He eats a well-balanced diet throughout the day so he doesn’t get hungry and doesn’t go over his calorie limit.

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