At The Age of 44, Christie Brimberry Triumphs Over Cancer, Husband and Six Children Provide Support

Christie Brimberry originally gained notoriety in 2012 as a co-star on the Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud car-makeup series alongside highly trained staff like Aaron Kaufman, a skillful technician.

The show follows American entrepreneur Richard Rawlings and his staff as they restore classic cars for business at the Gas Monkey Garage brand in Dallas, Texas.

Brimberry has no money problems, as she is the manager of Gas Monkey Garage, where she earns a comfortable living. Additionally, her personal life is just as rewarding as her high-net-worth-producing profession. Christie is reported to have a net worth of approximately one million US dollars.

Her life, however, has not always been a wild ride. She previously suffered from a heinous disease.

Twice Married; two children with former husband; four children with current husband

Christie Brimberry is married to Darren Brimberry and they have two children. Her spouse is the owner of two salons in Texas, Muse The Salon and Craft & Company Salon.

He is a hairstylist by trade and also serves as the hairstylist for Richard Rawlings, the owner of Gas Monkey Garage. Darren, therefore, has branded himself as a Balmain extension specialist.

Darren Brimberry, on the other hand, is not her first spouse. She has two children from a previous relationship. Malik Grinage, her elder son, was born on 4th July 1997, and Jordan Grinage, her elder daughter, was born on 5th July 1999.

Malik graduated from Birdville High School on 30th May 2016. Following graduation, he uploaded a photo of himself with his mother, Christie, at his graduation ceremony.
Malik is scheduled to attend Blade Craft Barber Academy in September of 2018. Like his father, he aspires to a profession in hair styling and design. He does, however, contribute to the e-commerce clothes website

As with every other mother on the planet, Christie has yet to adjust to the fact that her children are no longer infants. This maternal instinct was on full display when she wrote an emotional Instagram message on the occasion of Malik’s 21st birthday, captioned:

“It’s funny how some things in life seem to take such a long time. BUT, it seems like it was just yesterday that my son was born. My little man is not little anymore! I can’t believe today he is 21!! I love you @malikg_10 to the moon and back!!! HAPPY 4th of JULY!!”

Her eldest daughter also graduated from Birdville High School and has been a student at Texas Wesleyan University since 2017. She is a member of The Gold Line Dancers, the university’s elite dance cheerleading team.

Christie and Darren have four children together. Despite their hectic schedules, the married pair finds time for family activities. Christie made a status on her Facebook on 29th November 2014 informing her followers that she was on holiday with her husband, Darren.

Prior to and Following Cancer Surgery; Battles Cancer But Survives

Christie, who is 46 years old and presently running, is cancer-free and living a joyful life. After Richard Rawling, she is the second-in-command at Gas Monkey Garage.

When she is not managing the garage or carrying out owner Richard’s vision, she spends her time with her husband and six children.

Christie previously battled thyroid cancer. Her thyroid cancer has progressed to at least one lymph node. On October 20, 2016, she had a thyroidectomy, which involved the removal of malignant cells from her thyroid, lymph nodes, lymph nodes, and trachea.

She lost her voice for about six months following cancer surgery. Shortly afterward, she triumphed against illness, and on 24th October 2016, she wrote a Facebook post sharing her feelings about battling cancer. A portion of the post reads as follows:

 In the process, the nerve to my voice box was cut and I will have no voice for a while, maybe up to 6 months. I am home, and I am OK. I have a tube in my throat, but I will get that removed today and hopefully it will start to heal QUICKLY! I will have to take radiation soon and hopefully that will be the end. Despite everything, I feel lucky and I feel blessed to have so many supportive people around me helping me and my family get through this. The reason I’m putting this out there is because I want you guys to realize how important it is to see the doctor if you have something that doesn’t feel right. This journey only started 7 weeks ago and it had already progressed this far! PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I love you guys. #fuckcancer

In the post, she urged her followers not to disregard any health concerns.

Two days later, Gas Monkey Garage followed Christie’s lead and posted a screenshot of the Facebook post. Not only did the GMG Twitter handle highlight her competitive spirit, but it also communicated to the world what she meant to the Gas Monkey Garage family. The tweet read as follows:

“Way to kick cancer’s ass @gmgchristie. #gasmonkeygarage #FastNLoud”

A year ago, while she was still undergoing chemo, she was flooded with words of admiration and support from a diverse group of people, including Gas Monkey Garage fans and Richard Rawling himself.

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