Ashleigh Walters Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Ashleigh Walters is a highly successful and influential journalist. She was born on June 26, 1981, and went to the University of Colorado. She earned a B. S. in Broadcast News, a B. A. in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting, and a minor in Business Administration.

She is very close to her family members, including her parents. Her father served in the United States Air Force. She frequently brags about her parents on social media.

Career at WPTV

Her bio states that she worked as an intern for the KUSA Investigative Unit for a year. After completing her internship, she worked for the channel as a producer and host for nearly four years. She was then hired as an anchor by WPTV. She traveled to various locations to cover the news for WPTV.

She covered several high-profile stories and events, including the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee, the Aurora theater shooting, Colorado’s epic floods, Hurricane Isaac’s impact on New Orleans, and the debut of NBC’s The winner Cassadee Pope.

Because there are so many people in the field of journalism, it can be difficult to find a good news agency or related firm to work with, but Ashleigh Walter is on the lucky train and earns a good salary. Her annual salary is estimated to be $68 thousand.

Aside from journalism, she is an avid painter, traveler, and photographer. One of her paintings is on display at the Palm Beach International Airport. She is also studying American Sign Language.

Because of her attitude, performance, experience, and creativity, she was chosen by CNN International as one of 35 artists from five continents for International Women’s Day.

Relationship Status: Single?

It’s one thing to achieve enormous success in your career; it’s quite another to get it right in your personal relationships. Ashleigh Walter is one of the fortunate few who enjoy success in both her career and her relationships. At the age of 37, she is happily engaged to her boyfriend.

In April 2018, she announced her engagement during an interview on WPTV’s morning show. She also revealed that she proposed to her future husband while on vacation in Florida.

Well, Ashleigh is well on her way to marrying her fiance. She even flaunted her wedding excitement in a Facebook post on May 24, 2018. She asked her Facebook family for some wedding recommendations.

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