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Who is Asakura Yoh?

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In the Shaman King manga and anime series, Asakura Yoh is the main character. He is the Asakura Family’s main heir and the maternal twin brother of Asakura Hao, the series’ main antagonist.

Asakura Yoh joins Team “Funbari Onsen” and becomes its leader during the Shaman Fights in the year 2000. Yoh marries his longtime fiancée, Kyyama Anna, after the tournament, and they have a son named Asakura Hana.

Voice Actor of Asakura Yoh

The Japanese voice actor, Yuko Sato, and Yoko Hikasa contributed their voice to Asakura Yoh whereas Sebastian Arcelus voiced the English version of this character.


Yoh, a natural slacker, maintains a carefree attitude toward everything, including achieving his goal of becoming Shaman King. Because he was shunned by everyone outside his family, he chose to form a bond with spirits instead, and he believes that anyone who can see spirits cannot be evil. As a way of seeing things, he’s even developed a signature catchphrase: “everything will work out.” He rarely has a bad relationship with anyone and always makes friends with the people he meets. As seen when Tao Ren was killed and would only be revived by Iron Maiden Jeanne if Yoh dropped out of the tournament, he is deeply caring for his best friends and is even willing to die for them or give up his dreams for them. Although he has a compassionate and caring nature, he revealed to Asakura Hao inside the Great Spirit that he dislikes humans as well.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh ( Source: Pinterest)

Yoh has decided that when he becomes Shaman King, he will make Anna’s life easier, even though he is rarely seen. He blushed simply at seeing her face for the first time. Anna asked him, “Tonight… may I sleep beside you?” before he left for the Shaman Fight, and he said, “Yes.”


At the start of the Shaman King series, Asakura Yoh is a normal teenage boy, 13 years old. He has dark brown hair that reaches his neck, and he is always seen with a pair of orange headphones on his ears or behind his ears. When it gets cold, he will button up his shirt, and wear a necktie, and the standard school uniform jacket.

He wore a black vest, trimmed shorts with an orange lining, and wrap-around sandals in combat. He is depicted wearing a shirt with a Funbari Onsen advertisement on it, sweatpants with sandals, and long black trousers with wrap-up sandals during the second round of the Shaman Fights.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh ( Source: Pinterest)

He wore a yukata, a blue robe tied together with an orange sash around the waist, where he kept Amidamaru’s memory tablet in between battles of the Second Round of the Shaman Fights. Another advertisement for Funbari Onsen is woven into the fabric of his robes, and he wears a black cape over his shoulders.

He started wearing jeans pants, a short-sleeved white t-shirt, and a plaid printed scarf around the age of 17 when Hana was still a baby. His hair was just past his shoulders and was slightly longer. Yoh’s hair is now waist length and wavier at the age of 22. He’s ditched his orange headphones and bear claw necklace, and instead of an open shirt, he’s sporting a plain white t-shirt. One of Hao’s star earrings is attached to his orange pants, and he is now wearing brown leather sandals.

Abilities and Powers

Yoh has been subjected to exhausting and painful training since Anna became his fiancée, which has resulted in him developing a tougher and stronger body. During the battle, he is extremely adaptable, intuitive, and completely relaxed and calm. He learns to negate Furyoku’s attacks as a result of his relaxed and calm demeanor, a skill he compares to a grass straw bending with the wind to avoid breaking. Later, he refines this skill into a technique that completely negates Furyoku, and he learns to channel it through his Over-Soul or use it directly on his opponent for more devastating results.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh ( Source: Pinterest)

Yoh attunes his Furyoku to that of earth and becomes one of the Five Elemental Warriors, as evidenced by his use of metal to survive Ren’s lightning attack. Koyama Anna looked through the Furyoku values of Yoh and the others as he fought his way through the Plants. His Furyoku is estimated to be around 108,000.

Shamanic Rituals

Yoh has learned many shamanic techniques from his grandfather, Anna, the cat spirit Masamune, and the Gandhara teams, among others.

Ko-Oni Strike 

This is an example of onmyôji magic used by the Asakura clan. An onmyôji can use this magic to summon Shikigami, or familiar spirits, to do their bidding from leaves or paper talismans. They’re useful for everything from housework to assassinations. You never truly mastered the technique, but he demonstrated the ability to use it when he was ten years old, under the guidance of his grandfather, Asakura Yohmei. He could only summon three Shikigami from the leaves at most.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh Vs Horohoro ( Source; Pinterest)


Anna had taught him a sutra. It’s a Buddhist exorcism chant known as the Sankiraimon or Three Refuges, that will send any spirit who knows Buddhism to the afterlife if they hear it. However, the sutra primarily affects spirits who identify with eastern shamanism culture because it is a written language medium.

Fumon Tonk – Ch Senji Ryakketsu

One of many spells Yoh learned from the contents of Master Yohmei’s Ch Senji Ryakketsu, which Anna brought to him. This spell allows you to read the flow of Furyoku and predict its path. Most magical attacks can be rendered ineffective if used correctly.

Mikazuki no Harae – Ch Senji Ryakketsu

This was secret exorcist magic that Masamune had left for Yoh to help him defeat the Oni that Anna had created. However, this magic depleted Matamune’s reserve Furyoku, and as a result, he was sent to the afterlife.



When Amidamaru was still alive, Harusame was his sword. After defeating Tokageroh, who had stolen it from the museum to exact revenge on Amidamaru, Yoh obtained it. Yoh uses the Harusame as the primary medium for his Over Souls later on.

Futunomitama no Turugi 

Since the time of Asakura Hao, the Asakura Family has owned the Futunomitama no Turugi, a red knife-shaped rock. It was once the property of a sword god, and even though it is only made of rock, it is the ideal medium for the creation of a sword Over-Soul.


Yoh was born on May 12, 1985, in Izumo Shimane, Japan, to Asakura Mikihisa, an ascetic monk, and Asakura Keiko, a Miko. He spent most of his early childhood in Izumo with his mother, as well as his father’s apprentice Tamao and grandfather Yohmei, who helped raise him in the shamanic traditions of his family.

You spent most of his childhood alone, having few friends outside of his family and the spirits due to his shamanic heritage. Yoh has always been an outcast among normal people, alienated by his abilities, so he spends most of his time listening to SOUL BOB’s music. He, on the other hand, had always wished for a better life for himself.

This fueled his desire to become Shaman King. Yoh’s ambitions to become Shaman King began when he was four years old when his grandfather told him about the Great Spirit, and Yoh, being the slacker that he was, saw the possibility of an easy life and decided to become Shaman King from that day forward.

Yoh’s training progressed slowly, but at the age of ten, he was informed of his engagement to Kyyama Anna, a young Itako. Matamune of the Cats, a cat spirit who had served the Asakura house for over a thousand years, became his first Guardian Ghost at this time.

Matamune returned from the underworld at Yoh’s grandfather’s request to escort Yoh to Ozorenzan, where he was to meet Anna, who had just completed her Itako training with Yoh’s grandmother, Asakura Kino. Yoh meets a young girl on his first day in Osorezan, who greets him with a cool reception, leaving Yoh speechless. He was attacked by an Oni on the streets a short time later, only to be saved by Matamune.

Regardless, the two eventually arrived at Yoh’s grandmother’s house, where Yoh was introduced to his fiancée, who turned out to be the girl from earlier, much to Yoh’s surprise. Yoh, who is initially upset, gradually uncovers the mystery surrounding Anna and her Reishi abilities. Yoh’s bravery coaxed emotion from Anna, whose negative emotions formed the Oni, and dissolved it, but it cost Matamune the last of the Reyoku, causing him to vanish, during a battle with an Oni.

Coming to Tokyo

When Yoh moved to Funbari Hills to take part in the Tokyo Shaman Fight and to find his ghost. After enrolling at Funbari ga Oka, the same school as Manta, he met his first friend, Oyamada Manta, at the Funbari Hill cemetery. He fought Ryu, who had beaten Manta up, and with the help of Amidamaru, he used Hyi-Gattai to merge with Amidamaru and defeat Ryu; it was at this point that Yoh decided to make Amidamaru his partner. Amidamaru, much to Yoh’s disappointment, declines.

Manta drags Yoh along and tells him that partnering up with Amidamaru is a bad idea. Yoh sees no evil in him and tries to figure out why he declined. They both see the old and rusted Harusame sword when they arrive at the Funbari Local Museum, and later that night they find Mosuke crying in the room where he crafted the sword. He begins by recounting the history of his promise and how they both waited 600 years. Yoh joins forces with Mosuke to craft a new sword for Amidamaru in exchange for the promise and then shows him the newly crafted sword. After that, Amidamaru decides to team up with Yoh. You eventually returned the Harusame to the museum.

They have many adventures together, including rescuing children from a fire and stopping a bully from wasting his life by releasing an angry earthbound spirit from a billboard.

Shaman Fights in Tokyo

At Amidamaru’s gravesite, Silva, one of the Patch tribe’s ten Patch Officiants, encounters Yoh and challenges him to a test to gain entry to the Shaman Fights. You will only have to hit Silva once to obtain the Oracle Bell, which will serve as a permit. Yoh agrees, and the battle begins.

You quickly incorporates Amidamaru into himself and prepares to strike, but he accidentally hits Silva’s O.S. Silver Shield, leaving him puzzled. Silva explains the Over-Soul concept before slamming Yoh into the ground with Silver Horn, Silver Tail, and Silver Rod. Yoh, on the other hand, discovers how to use the Over-Soul and places Amidamaru within the Harusame.

It succeeds, resulting in an out-of-control version of his first Over-Soul. When Silva notices this, he switches the Silver Arms to his O.S. Totem Pole Cannon formation and fires a Furyoku blast. Yoh uses the Buddha-Strike to deflect Silva’s attack back at him, thanks to the muscle memory he’s gained from fusing with Amidamaru so many times. This action cuts Silva’s headband, causing him to be struck, earning him the Oracle Bell and the right to fight in the Shaman Fights.

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Invading the Plants

To prevent Hao from becoming Shaman King, Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Ryu, Lyserg, Faust, Opacho, Chocolove, and Jeanne entered the Patch Plants. When Yoh and the others arrived at the plants, they were greeted by Silva. You nearly defeated Silva with his second Over-Soul, but Silva used the Patch song to boost his power and ignore wounds. He had to use his newly acquired Over Soul armor to knock Silva out. Silva awoke, puzzled as to why he wasn’t dead.

Silva let them go into the plants after he managed to convey his desire not to kill unless necessary. Yoh does not play a significant role in the plants until the lake plant, where he replaces Faust after Faust loses to the Patch Official Radim, and then the grassland plant, where he heals Horohoro’s injuries by implanting the spirit of Faust into his body.

When the group reaches the tenth and final “Plant of the Universe,” they discover that there is no oxygen and no gravity, and they begin to wonder how they will fight there. Lyserg initially suggests that they each protect themselves with their own personal O.S., but Ryu abruptly interrupts and suggests that they all use the heads of his O.S. Yamato No Orochi so that the rest of the team can fight at full strength. Ren, when asked about the sudden responsibility, says that he wants to be useful as well and that the seven is currently his best place.

When Hao finally awakens, he sends the Oracle Bells a message that reads, “‘so small.”

Except Rutherfor, Opacho, and Yoh, he enters the final plant and kills everyone with a single glance. You deduced that Hao was controlling his body even though his spirit had already moved on as the Shaman King after Opacho mentioned that the Hao she knew wasn’t here anymore.

You then decapitates Hao, declaring him to be nothing more than a walking corpse. [eight] Hao, on the other hand, does not die after merging with the Great Spirit, most likely because he is omnipotent.

Yoh’s soul and Amidamaru are seen being absorbed by Hao after he grins. When Yoh awakens, he realizes he must be inside the Great Spirit, and Hao appears, revealing that he is actually inside him and in the Great Spirit’s highest society, the Shaman King’s society, which only Hao can enter.

The two strike up a conversation, during which Yoh reveals that he, too, despises humans for destroying the planet. He admits, however, that he could never go so far as to kill them, so Hao orders him to leave. Yoh, as well as Tao Ren, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove McDonell, and Usui Horokeu, are not banished. The 5 Elemental Warriors and the Shaman King engage in a fierce battle, but they are evenly matched by the Great Spirits Over-Soul.

The Soul Train appears to anchor the five before Hao can destroy the Elemental Warriors with a black hole. Yoh can calm Hao by telling him that his late mother was always present in the form of a spirit beside him. After reconciling with his mother, Hao allows everyone to return to Earth but warns Yoh that he still despises humanity and will wait for them to solve their problems before passing judgment, and to stop being so impolite.

Funbari no Uta

Anna married Yoh and given birth to a boy named Asakura Hana during the time jump between the main series and Funbari no Uta. She and Yoh embark on a journey around the world with their infant son, but they are killed in the Middle East and end up in Hao’s realm in the Great Spirit.

Through blackmail, Anna forces him to resurrect all three of them. Hao does so while implanting Oni into Hana as a fail-safe mechanism to keep him alive. After Anna and Yoh have been gone for a long time, Hana is given to Tamao to be raised under her care, and Hana comes to believe Tamao is his real mother. Anna was briefly seen in the Funbari no Uta walking from the Funbari Hill station back to the Inn with an adult Asakura Yoh

When Yoh and Anna finally arrive in Funbari, they get lost in the airport, which irritates Ren so much that he summons Ryu to pick them up. You and Anna arrive just as Chocolove, Ren, and Horohoro are discussing their last encounter with Hao, and Yoh says his catchphrase, “everything will work out in the end,” and that it will because that is what they promised him.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh and Ren prepare the Final Attack ( Source: Pinterest)

Yoh has grown to be quite tall, and his hair has grown to be quite long. He then makes an awkward attempt to justify his and Anna’s absence by claiming that they had obligations all over the world and could not return sooner. Hana appears to be in tears at first, even stuttering the word “daddy,” but then attacks Yoh with a Welcome Home Kick to the gut.

You and Anna make their prayers at the shrine of their deceased friends and family as they return to the Funbari Inn. Ryu prepares a feast, and they all appear to be having a party together, with Manta arriving to the delight of everyone except Ren, who was attacking Horohoro.

Later that night, Anna receives a package from the Patch Village, which she opens to reveal a book about the Shaman Fights that occurred in Tokyo. She claims that their fight isn’t over yet and that they should keep in mind that the next Shaman Fights aren’t for another half-millennium. She stomps on Yoh’s face and calls him nave when he says it was so far ahead in time that even the Oh-Oni would laugh at her.

Yoh gets up and asks Anna directly while tending to his sore cheek as the group mulls over who could have written it. She says the next fight may be five centuries away, but she still wants one of the Asakura descendants to inherit the Shaman King’s throne, and she tells Yoh to begin reading it. ( Yoh gets a death glare from her, and she warns him not to forget the promise he made to her.


  • “Many things can be achieved, as long as you believe in it.”
  • “The easiest way to test a person’s real ability is under extreme conditions. Therefore, it’s appropriate to choose the Shaman King through fighting.”
  • “Don’t worry, it’ll work out somehow.”
  • “If you run from the heat, you’re making it worse! But if you stand up to it, you’ll live happily!”

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