Are Christian Plourde And Mads Lewis’ Ex Boyfriend Jaden Hossler Friends?

Fans have been wondering what happened to Mads Lewis and Christian Plourde for a long time. Since they unfollowed each other and deleted all evidence of their romance from their Instagram, rumors about their breakup have been circulating.

Neither party confirmed it, and Plourde, who goes by the moniker Sevryn, even went on Instagram to clarify that he would not discuss it. However, he was recently seen with Lewis’ ex-boyfriend, Jaden Hossler, on many occasions.

Fans started to speculate if they were friends, assuming that if they were, it was a signal about Plourde and Lewis’ breakup.

Ticktokinsiders posted a snapshot of the supposed friends hanging together on January 19. Although the image is a little hazy, it is evident that the TikTokers were having fun together. The pair were seen together for the second time during Hossler’s 21st birthday celebration.

The original Tiktokroom reported that Plourde was present at the party on February 10. Fans reacted in a variety of ways, but one said, “I’m sorry, but if he’s there, it just goes to show how much he never loved Mads because he knows how much the past affected Mads.”

Christian Plourde is being chastised for his friendship with Jaden Hossler

However, on February 12, fans finally received confirmation of Hossler and Plourde’s friendship. Plourde was spotted following Hossler, according to the original Tiktokroom.

Plourde appears to be followed by Hossler as well. Following each other are Christian Plourde and Jaden Hossler. Fans were dissatisfied with the friendship and resorted to social media to condemn Plourde for remaining friends with Hossler while being aware of Lewis and Hossler’s feud.

Plourde was friends with him because he wanted clout for his music, according to one admirer, despite knowing how brutally the ‘Comatose’ singer had treated his former lover. Plourde acted oddly for someone who claimed to be in love with Lewis, according to another theory.

The user who added the TikTok star was most likely utilizing the Mads Lewis star Famous, Like Me. Lewis spilled the beans on her relationship with Hossler in the new series, which was posted to TikTok by “awesomenesstv.” She didn’t state Hossler’s name by name, but she did say her ex, which many felt was a reference to Hossler.

During the relationship, the reality star stated she was mistreated. She was cheated on numerous times, and Hossler only took her out on one date during their one-and-a-half-year on-again, off-again relationship.

Drama Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, and Mads Lewis are among the cast members. Some followers chastised her for “always talking about her ex” in the comments, claiming that this was the reason Plourde broke up with her. However, several defended the TikToker, claiming that she was free to deal with the breakup and sadness in her own way, especially after being dumped.

Lewis used Instagram in April 2021 to post a video implying that Hossler had cheated on her with Barrett.

Barrett and Hossler became friends after working together on the song ‘La Di Die.’

They initially rejected the reports, but a few months later, they made their relationship official and were photographed on a date by the paparazzi.

Barrett and Lewis haven’t been on speaking terms since then. Barrett’s ex-boyfriend, Josh Richards, and Hossler were also divided by the union.

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