Annie D’Angelo and her husband Solid as a rock! Unbroken Strings of Married Life

Finding the proper partner who understands and knows you from the inside out is the key to a happy marriage.

As stated in the statement, cosmetics artist Annie D’Angelo proved to be the ideal spouse for her husband, who had been looking for someone like Annie for years.

Annie D’Angelo’s husband had three failed marriages, which had to have taken a toll on him. However, Annie’s presence in her husband’s life altered everything, and the couple has been going strong since their marriage.

Do you want to learn more about the rock-solid couple? All you have to do is keep reading!

Relationship Status

Annie D’Angelo was a well-known Hollywood makeup artist who was hired to work on the 1986 film StageCoach. She fell in love with one of the film’s actors while working on it, and they later began dating. Do you want to know who the actor she fell for is? He is none other than Willie Nelson, an American musician, and vocalist.

Annie D’Angelo married Willie Nelson on September 16, 1991, in Nashville, Tennessee, amid many uncertainties and questions.

Willie had previously been through three disastrous marriages and was about to embark on his fourth. Willie’s son from his first marriage, William Hugh Nelson Jr, committed suicide on December 25, the same year, causing the couple their first heartache.

Despite this, Annie proved to be a staunch supporter of Willie during difficult times, and she also improved Willie’s life management. She got rid of all the sponges draining Willie’s money and also managed his finances.

Not only that, but she also urged him to become fitter and healthier. She encouraged him to start cycling and swimming and to stop eating junk food. This resulted in the famed singer’s improved health after he had previously suffered from shifting health concerns.

The couple is currently blessed with two sons and is enjoying their family life to the fullest. And it appears that their bond is growing stronger with each passing year.
When asked how his marriage with Annie succeeded despite three divorces, Willie complimented his past relationships, claiming that he learned lessons from his divorces and is attempting not to make the same mistakes he previously made.

The pair celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2017, thanks to the lessons he learned, and Willie Nelson has never been happier.

Annie D’Angelo- Brief Bio

Annie appears to favor a low-key life in terms of her information since she has not shared much about her age, parents, or even her formative days.

However, it is known that she was born on August 27 and worked as a makeup artist on the film StageCoach in 1986. Annie is now in charge of all Willie Nelson-related matters.

Furthermore, the couple has been vocal supporters of marijuana legalization and currently runs a marijuana industry in Texas.

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