Are Singer Brandon Boyd and Actress Sarah Hay Dating?

Brandon Boyd, Incubus’ magical charisma-wielding frontman, who is regularly spotted with attractive women, has recently been linked to Sarah Hay. Is Sarah his new love interest? Find out more about his personal life!

Brandon Boyd, who is constantly photographed with attractive ladies, has recently been linked to Sarah Hay. Is Sarah Hay his latest love interest? Is the musician dating again after calling it quits with Baelyn Elspeth after a ten-year relationship?

Relationship Status

The charismatic vocalist self-posted a painting named “Sarah with red spirals” on February 14, 2020. The picture portrayed Hay’s naked art, with a red spiral created in various regions of her body. In his caption, he thanked Hay for allowing him to photograph her.

Following Boyd’s post, the actress took to Instagram to show some of his images of her. “Missing my quarantine bubble buddies…and the beach…” read the caption on one of the photographs. The question of whether the two are dating or working together as “buddies” has yet to be answered.

Brandon Boyd Sarah Hay
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Girls have been chasing Boyd since third grade

For many, Incubus’ lead singer might easily be viewed as a sex symbol. Despite the fact that his iconic shirtless videos are to blame, sources suggest that he has always been a female magnet.

In an exclusive interview with Angel Fire, Boyd’s mother, Dolly Wiseman, and brother, Darren, disclosed some personal information about his life. Boyd has always had a strong attraction to women, they all agreed, but he was typically reserved around them.

The singer’s brother related a story about an incident that happened when he was in third grade. An older girl would kiss and maul Boyd when their mother came to pick them up from school. He would scream and push her away since he was a bashful youngster.

Similarly, a sixth-grade girl followed him home when he was in fourth grade. He invited the girl to play with him. The singer afterward went to the kitchen to tell his mother that the girl had been kissing him and that he was enjoying it. Even as a tiny child, he exuded charisma.

He was well-liked by women. His professors, too, were enamored with his beautiful blond hair and large brown eyes.

Brandon Boyd- Relationships in the Past

The singer has been coupled with a number of attractive models since breaking into the music industry. His followers are always wondering which of his girlfriends would become his wife, but he has yet to be married.

Carolyn Murphy, an Estee Lauder supermodel, was his first long-term girlfriend, and Baelyn Elspeth was his most recent long-term lover. Elspeth had been married to Boyd for ten years.

The musician said in an interview with Sharp magazine that his eighth studio album features bits of his ex-girlfriend. He also talked about how he created the album while his connection with his model girlfriend grew.

[His relationship with Elspeth] seemed like we folded in together for 10 years and became this gorgeous piece of origami before unraveling. We’re still the best of friends to this day. She’ll be able to tell you a lot about the psychology behind some of these songs.

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