Learn Details About Amanda Freitag’s Age, Bio, Family, Husband, Marriage, and more!

Amanda Freitag is a well-known professional chef and a tough judge on The Food Network’s Chopped (2010-present). Her celebrity has drawn attention to both her professional and personal activities. However, the New Jersey native appears to be so enamored with cooking that it has kept her from falling in love with a human! Here’s everything you need to know about her age, family, parents, and feelings about marrying and starting a family with a man.

Amanda Freitag: Career and Net Worth 2023

Everyone, including her home economics teacher, observed her growing interest in cooking and recommended that she join the Culinary School of America in New York, which Amanda Freitag did.

After graduating from the CIA in 1989, the budding chef had no shortage of possibilities. She worked for a number of well-known restaurant groups, including Vong, Cesca Enoteca & Trattoria (2003), and others. In 1999, she traveled to France and Italy to gain considerable cooking knowledge.

Freitag made her television debut in 2009 on The Martha Stewart Show, followed by The Next Iron Chef America in its second season, demonstrating her extensive culinary skills. Finally, her big break came in 2010 when she was named a judge on Chopped. She has served as a judge on Chopped on a regular basis.

Amanda Freitag Chef
Source: Food Network

Since 2015, she has also co-hosted the American Diner Revival with Ty Pennington. Her cookbook, The Chef Next Door: A Pro Chef’s Recipes for Fun, Fearless Home Cooking, was released in September 2015, during the same time period. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the foodie has a thriving job as a chef and a luxury net worth of $3 million.

Is Amanda Freitag lesbian?

The fact that the attractive celebrity chef is unmarried is not hidden in the least. Is she, nevertheless, a lesbian since she is single? Amanda has never been rumored to have had sexual relations with a woman. In her culinary profession, she had struggled to keep up with men. As a result, she can be preoccupied with keeping her job. Allowing the woman to be busy is a good idea.

Amanda Freitag Cooking Book
Source: HarperCollins Canada

Her relatives, on the other hand, want her to be a gay icon. Her pal Kedzie Teller remarked in an April 2020 tweet that he wanted her to resonate with LGBT people. An admirer responded to the tweet by declaring that she was already a homosexual icon. People in the gay community adored her on Food Network, according to her followers.

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