All You Need To Know About Polo G’s Son With Crystal Blease – Tremani!

Taurus Tremani Bartlett, better known by his stage name Polo G aka Polo Capalot, is an American rapper and musician whose debut album ‘Die A Legend’ was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Along with his successful career, the rapper is a wonderful parent to Tremani Legend Bartlett, his darling son.

Tremani was born on July 6, 2019, to Polo G and his baby mother, Crystal Blease. He is the couple’s only child. You may not be as familiar with Tremani as you are with his father. So read the story all the way to the end to get a better look at Polo G’s son, Tremani.

Tremani’s First Birthday Celebration Was A Huge Success

Tremani, Polo G’s kid, became one year old on July 6, 2020. As a result, Polo G and his fiancée Crystal threw a lavish birthday celebration for their gorgeous child. Tremani’s first birthday was certainly remarkable.

The party venue was adorned with a plethora of bright balloons. The birthday party for Tremani was attended by a large number of people. They most likely gave him thrilling gifts as well. Tremani, the lil boy, was dressed in Louis Vuitton.

Tremani’s mother shared a sneak peek of the proceedings on Instagram. Over the years, he’ll still get a lot of surprise birthdays. Polo G also wished his son a happy birthday on Instagram with a meaningful and kind message. When you look at Crystal Blease’s Instagram, you’ll see that she constantly publishes gorgeous photographs and videos of her adorable son.

Tremani’s Instagram

Tremani, despite his little stature, already has an Instagram account with over 87.7k followers. His parents are in charge of the social media account. It’s amazing to watch how quickly people fall in love with Tremani and his overabundance of sweetness.

Polo G and his baby mama, Crystal, enjoy taking pictures of their son. He is the only one who has offered the couple so much happiness and delight. Tremani is most likely living a rich and expensive lifestyle with his father and mother, given Polo G’s estimated net worth of $3 million.

In an interview with Arts & Raps, Polo G stated that his son is free to pursue his dreams. Furthermore, he claimed that Tremani gets a thrill out of playing music and that he will most likely enter the music industry in the future.

Tremani’s Parents Haven’t Married Yet

Polo G and Crystal Blease, Tremani’s parents, have been together for more than two years. In the year 2018, they began dating. The gorgeous couple, on the other hand, is not in a hurry to marry.

The rapper tweeted a photo of himself with Crystal in 2018 and titled it “Mrs. Capalot” with a ring emoji, sparking engagement rumors. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume Polo G and Crystal Blease are in a love relationship because he refers to her as his fiancee.

Polo G’s girlfriend has her own YouTube channel, which she calls ‘Crystal.’ Crystal expressed her desire for additional children in one of her YouTube posts. As a result, we might see Tremani’s parents marry and have more children in the following years.

Tremani Legend Name Meaning

Tremani. The name Bartlett Tremani comes from a Celtic settlement surrounded by stone walls. Similarly, the English word legend is derived from the Latin legere, which means ‘to read.’

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