All You Need To Know About Mike Colter’s Wife And Kids!

Luke Cage, the first African-American superhero, is a trailblazer and a family man, according to Mike Colter. The actor and his wife, Netflix executive Iva Colter, have two beautiful girls. (

As seen by his public engagements thus far, he values every moment of fatherhood and family life with his wife and children. Colter reminisced on what parenting meant to him during an interview on The Steve Harvey Show, which was fitting given that he was there to promote his new faith-based film, Breakthrough.

Colter’s mother, it turns out, reared her children with her faith at her side. Colter said that he grew up in the church and that his sister taught Sunday school.

On that topic, Colter couldn’t agree more with Harvey’s remark about faith being an amazing thing to have, especially as a father.

Mike Colter’s Approach to Parenting

Later in the conversation, Colter mentioned a proverb that has been passed down through the generations: ‘A man with daughters will always eat steak.’

The premise behind the saying is that if you look after your children, they will always look after you. That was something Colter was a firm believer in. Colter was also incredibly appreciative of the viewpoints that his girls brought to his life.

The actor confessed that growing up in a masculine culture, individuals sometimes forgot what it was like on the other side of the spectrum.

“You don’t really notice it until you have girls, you know?” he observed.

Not only that, but Colter had recognized that the playing field of life was not level for all children from his vantage point. If you send a guy out into the world, he could experience some bumps and bruises along the way, but he’ll still find his way and learn, according to the on-screen superhero.

With a woman — with his daughters, for example — he felt differently. Colter said that he would establish some beliefs in his children when it comes to his parenting approach. Simultaneously, he would deliberately use whatever power he possessed to “reconstruct the way men thought.”

“…because the trouble is going to be the guys. It isn’t going to be her, “He went on to clarify. “I need to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s safe from the guys. So, you know, I’m going to keep her as close as I can.”

The Secret to his Happy Marriage

Colter and his wife had been married for nearly 17 years at the time of the interview, which is a long time in Hollywood. Colter’s wife was also working busy schedules in the same profession as him, so the talk show host was naturally inquisitive about how he managed to make it work.

Colter said, “It comes down to the basics.”

A phone call was Colter’s golden bullet. He made an effort to call his wife at some time during the day. With their hectic schedules, it was all too easy to let the hours and days pass them by without noticing.

So, throughout those 17 years, checking in and learning about his wife’s life was what kept them linked.

Well, the actor’s technique appears to be working because the couple is still together three years later!

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