All You Need To Know About David Haydn Jones Life!

David Haydn Jones, a.k.a. ‘Ketch’ from the spooky series, is a knockout in any job he takes on.

He may have crushed a few hearts in 2016 when his marital status was revealed by none other than his co-star. Since then, people have been curious as to whether the actor is genuinely married, as he has never confirmed or denied.

Has The Cat Been Let Out Of The Bag?

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The Canadian actor has thus far managed to keep his private life a secret, but occasionally we are deceived by our closest friends.

In 2016, the spooky actor may have sparked interest when his co-star and reel-screen girlfriend shared an Instagram photo of their on a double date with the actor’s wife. According to the caption,

“Had a fun double date with my latest costar”

While the caption of his co-actors suggests that Jones is very much married, this cannot be confirmed or disputed as the actor has made no word on the subject.

Affluent Career

While the supernatural actor was notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life, the actor’s incredible screen dedication and parts have always made fans feel closer to him. The actor, who is half British and half American, adores his work and his followers.

His acting career began in 1990 with “Iron Thunder,” and the actor has never looked back since. From feature films to television shows to short films, the actor has demonstrated that he can do it all. The actor can currently be seen in the hit remake series “Magnum PI.”

When questioned about his career in an interview, Jones stated

“I have had enough ups and downs in this career as any actor has … I have basically been working as an actor for the last ten, eleven years. That to me is success”.

And we can’t seem to agree on anything. The actor is successful and remains extremely relevant in the profession after all these years. Here’s wishing David Hayden-Jones another illustrious decade.
On 22 March 2017, he sent a tweet to a follower requesting that he refrain from promoting hate on social media. In the tweet, David stated,

“Incorrect. You don’t know me or my relationships in real life. Wishing you peace. But I won’t be subjected to unfounded hate.”

It’s puzzling why the Dear Santa actor is so adamant about keeping his marital life and wife private. Apart from his marital status, David conceals his age. When asked about his age, one of his followers named Lena estimated it to be between 41 and 43, which David did not confirm.

David later revealed that his birthday is on 25 September, although he did not reveal his real age.

At His Best, He Is The Wittiest

Jones may appear solemn, but his wit has been well-received by the Twitter community.

There was a time when he was extremely active on social media; however, we are unable to locate the actor on either Instagram or Twitter at the moment. However, here are some of the saved tweets that continue to make us laugh and love him even more.

The internet has speculated about the actor’s net worth, but considering his nature, we cannot verify any sources. However, we are certain he has amassed millions throughout the course of his career.

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