Learn More About Addison Timlin’s Daughter With Jeremy Allen White – Ezer Billie White!

Addison Timlin is a rising Hollywood star whose name is familiar to most of us. Her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy Allen White, is currently her boyfriend.

Jeremy is also an actor, and the two met on the set of the film Afterschool in 2008. After some time, the charming couple began dating, and they now had a gorgeous daughter named Ezer Billie White.

Ezer Billie White, Addison Timlin’s daughter, was born on October 20, 2018. With their daughter, both parents have a strong bond. Ezer’s middle name is her mother’s nickname.

Her parents married on October 18, 2019, roughly a year after she was born. She has the cuteness of a baby Yoda and the gentleness of an angel. Let’s learn more about the beautiful actress Addison’s baby girl Ezer today.

Addison’s Daughter Is A Divine Being

Ezer Billie White, Addison Timlin’s daughter, is extremely charming and adorable. We were fortunate that Ezer’s mother uploaded her first-ever photo on Instagram. As a result, that moment of delight and happiness will live on in our minds and theirs forever. Addison shared a photo of her husband holding his darling baby for the first time, as well as another of Addison loving her daughter.

 Ezer Billie White
Source: Popsugar

Furthermore, Addison made her pregnancy announcement on her 27th birthday. She announced her pregnancy with a nice post on her social media account, which she shared with her fans. Her heart is overflowing at the seams after she stated that the lovely couple is expecting a kid. Her birthday was approaching, but her dream had already come true.

Jeremy Timlin, Addison’s husband, also shared a photo with the caption, “Addison’s going to be the best mama, and he loves her.” We can clearly see the chemistry between the two of them. The adorable couple appears to be overjoyed, as they seem to savor every moment with their little angel.

Addison and her husband, Jeremy, enjoy spending time with their child. Ezer, their daughter, seemed to enjoy spending time with her grandfather. No one seems to be able to let go of little Ezer; everyone is so devoted to her that they just want to hold her or give her a huge hug. She also appears to enjoy it, as she frequently sleeps on their laps.

The Wedding of the Parents

Addison and her husband, Jeremy, married in Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills courthouse. Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were present in the courts, according to an article published by People.

The couple wore matching black denim jackets with hearts and the words “Til Death” custom-embroidered on them. Buddy + Billie, which appears to be their nickname for one another, was also embroidered on their jackets.

 Ezer Billie White Family
Source: People

The couple had also been engaged for almost a year. Her engagement to her long-time partner was never made public; nonetheless, Addison was seen wearing a diamond ring, indicating that the couple was engaged.

Love, as they say, need no words; all that is required is emotion and care, which was evident in their situation. Ezer Billie White’s parents have been married for over three years and are living happily ever after.

Name Meaning

Ezer Billie White is Addison Timlin’s kid, and her first name is Ezer Billie White, which means “help, aid” in Hebrew. Billie, on the other hand, is an English name that means “determination” or “power.”

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