Aaron Gilchrist Confirmed He’s Getting Married – Is His Husband Marcellius Banks? Find out here!

Aaron Gilchrist, a TV news journalist, disclosed his marriage to a follower on Instagram in 2019. He did not, however, go on to say his husband’s name. Nonetheless, there are numerous signs that Gilchrist’s husband is Marcellius Banks.

Wedding Registry Revealed Partner

After Aaron Gilchrist began wearing a band on his wedding ring finger, rumors about Gilchrist’s marriage began to circulate. His name appeared on the popular wedding registry site The Knot not long after such stints. On October 12, 2019, the newscaster married Marcellius Banks in Washington, D.C., according to the website.

While his marital status was hinted at on the wedding registry, it wasn’t confirmed until the anchor mentioned it. On October 18, 2019, one of his Instagram followers noticed the ring on his finger and inquired as to when he married. Thankfully, Gilchrist responded, stating that he had married the weekend before.

Aaron Gilchrist NBC
Source: NBC4 Washington

His statement matched the date on the wedding registration, which was Saturday, October 12th. He did not, however, reveal the identity of his accomplice. One of his Instagram followers, Milton Foster, praised him and Mr. Banks for that part, hinting that his partner’s surname was Banks.

A wedding registry of Banks’ sister, Andrei Banks, provided still another hint that his spouse was actually Marcellius Banks. Banks was listed as the best man in the August 2019 wedding planner, and he revealed that he was marrying Aaron Gilchrist. Despite the fact that all signs point to Gilchrist’s husband being Marcellius Banks, he has yet to acknowledge him in interviews or on social media.

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Aaron Gilchrist Has Been Sarcastic Towards Marriage

If you follow the anchor on social media, you’re probably aware that he doesn’t appear to like marriage. He frequently tweeted his dissatisfaction with people’s willingness to spend time and money on weddings.

In one of these tweets, he remarked that he never understood how someone could spend more than $39,000 on a single wedding. In a 2015 tweet, he sarcastically suggested that people get married if they want to save money on auto insurance. “A married 20-year-old pays 21% less than a single person,” he said, citing statistics.

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His “Work Wife” Is Eun Yang

If you’ve ever watched Gilchrist on TV, you’ve almost certainly seen him with Eun Yang. For the better part of a decade, the team hosted News4 Today’s #1-morning newscast.

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The co-anchors have earned a reputation as a hardworking group of individuals who are also excellent friends. In fact, he’s referred to Yang as his “work wife” on many occasions on social media.

In November 2020, the anchor left NBC Washington to join NBC News Now.

He tweeted as a parting message that he would always cherish Washington and his NBC family. Similarly, he shared a series of images with his coworkers on Instagram, the most recent of which was a selfie with the remark “Thanks for the memories!” “Don’t forget your favorite co-anchor!!” wrote his “work-wife” on the pic, with a sobbing emoji.

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